Short hair: how to manage and enhance them

Short hair is no longer an exclusive to pragmatic women looking for comfort; they are among the most popular trends of the moment, preferred by models and celebrities.

However, managing them is not always easy: both because not all types of hair adapt to extreme cuts, and because it is essential to adopt the hairstyle to the shape of the face.

Choosing a cut with short hair, therefore, involves a number of things to pay attention to. Let’s find out together

Short curly

Hair Curly hair requires special care, especially if you choose short or very short cuts, as they are subject to dehydration and loss of elasticity. To preserve them it is essential to opt for very delicate shampoos, which do not attack the structure (the Natural Life nourishing shampoo, for example, nourishes and moisturizes without affecting the capillary structure).

Helmet effect

In case of short hair, moreover, the flattening is a danger always lurking, as well as a very common mistake. In trying to regulate the hair, many people tend to experiment with mixtures of products that sometimes make the situation worse, depriving the foliage of form and naturalness. The ideal, to obtain an effective result, is to use a correct quantity of wax or modeling paste like the Hair Past for styling.

Volume and movement

What scares many women about to cut their hair is the idea of not being able to experiment with original hairstyles and, therefore, succumbing to monotony. In reality, a minimal hairstyle is not always synonymous with banality. The secret is to create dynamism: a particular fringe, wavy or naturally dried hair (if the structure allows it) allow most of the times a cheeky and not predictable aspect.

The hairdresser

Another mistake that many women make is to neglect or postpone the consultation with the hairdresser, even more, wrong in the case of short hair. Professional advice is essential, first of all, to evaluate the most suitable hairstyle for personal needs and the specific capillary structure. Once cut, then, the hair cannot Regrow, at a speed that can vary from person to person, but that will be more visible as the haircut is more extreme, so the fixed appointment cannot be skipped in any way.

For all these reasons, as we always recommend, it is important to rely on your trusted hairstylist to ensure you show off short hair, trendy but suitable for our face.

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