Salvia for hair

The natural cosmetics are increasingly gaining ground because it offers us incredible properties avoiding many substances that can be harmful or harmful to us. Sage is well known since Antiquity and it is a plant that has been used for its healing properties in the field of health. However, at present, it is known that they also have great benefits for our beauty.

The sage can be a great remedy for some hair problems, so we can use it to look after him. No doubt it is a plant that will serve us for many uses and benefits, so we must not stop using it. If you want to have great hair, you can use this plant.

What is salvia?

Sage is called Salvia Officinal is and is part of the Labiatae family, along with rosemary or thyme. These plants can be tall, with dense and woody bushes. It has a great fragrance and is aromatic, so it is used in cosmetics to give aroma, but also for its properties. There are up to 500 species of sage, many of them in tropical areas. In Europe, there are fewer species, about a dozen. From this plant, the leaves are used and also the flowers when they appear in spring.

How to use salvia

The sage can be harvested with leaves and flowers. They should be allowed to dry in a dry environment and at room temperature. These dried leaves are those used to make infusions, which can be drunk or used for beauty treatments. On the other hand, you can use its essential oil, which keeps all the properties of sage, which is easy to use for cosmetic treatments.

The infusions can be taken without any problem, although essential oils can only be used on the skin. Keep in mind that sage can be irritating to the most sensitive skin.

The sage oil can be used in the shampoo mixing to achieve healthier hair. In this way, we can enjoy its properties in a much simpler way.

Sage for hairSalvia

Sage can be used on hair for the problem of gray hair. It is not something immediate like the dye, but if we have our first gray we can use the sage to cover those gray hairs since it darkens them by adding color. However, if you have blond hair you should avoid it because it is only suitable for dark shades of hair.

The sage infusion prevents the oxidation and aging of the hair since it has many antioxidants. It can be mixed with rosemary, as this herb helps us improve circulation, making the hair grow much more. In addition, clarifying the hair with the sage infusion offers a lot of healthy shine.

Other properties

The great salvia has different properties, not only for hair. This infusion can be used for people who have the typical asthenia or who are going through a time of fatigue. It is an invigorating tonic that is used to improve mood and energy, so you can drink an infusion daily. However, this plant is not indicated for pregnant or with problems such as epilepsy.

This plant is also indicated as an infusion during menopause since it improves the level of estrogen. Help in this stage, decreasing hot flashes, migraine or sweating. When you take it, you also fight bad breath and halitosis, so it can be done as a mouthwash. What do you think of this advice on salvia?

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