Rinse hair with honey

Clarifying hair is one of the things that many women want to do, but methods that use chemicals are often very damaging to our hair. If we have fine hair it is likely that we spoil it, so we can resort to natural methods that do not damage our hair. Clarifying the hair with honey is one of them and has proven effective.

To lighten the hair to give it wicks or to reduce a tone is something habitual. We must bear in mind that natural methods are not as fast as chemical products and we will not achieve a big change from one day to the next, but the advantage is that they take a lot more care of our hair and we can achieve very natural colors.

Why use natural products in hair

Natural products can be great allies when it comes to hair care. Clarifying hair is a process that can spoil our hair. If we use dyes, they usually carry ammonia and this spoils the fiber of the hair, which becomes weak and brittle. That is why when it comes to clearing hair we should opt for natural remedies. These remedies take care of the hair and do not spoil the fiber so that our hair will remain soft and strong.

How to use honey on hair

To be able to use the honey in the hair we must mix it in a way that it is a little more liquid since by itself it is very thick and difficult to extend. It is better than it is organic and quality honey, to take even more care of the hair. To increase the golden reflections we can mix a few spoonfuls of honey with an infusion of chamomile. You should add the water little by little and keep stirring so that it mixes well. When it has the desired texture we can extend it through the hair. You can use a brush like the one usually used to apply the dyes. In this way, we make sure to do it in a uniform way.

The honey should be left at least one hour on the hair, wrapped with plastic and with a towel to conserve heat. Then we can rinse the hair by washing it in the usual way. We must bear in mind that the hair does not change color in a radical way, but with this remedy, it acquires clearer natural reflections little by little. We must apply it at least three times to see any change in the hair.

Benefits of honey for hair

Honey can be very beneficial for our hair, and it is a product that has many properties. It can help us to clarify the hair in several applications, providing beautiful reflections. But it is also an ingredient that helps moisturize both the skin and hair. The Honey is a natural moisturizer that applied to the hair leaves it much smoother and easier to comb. In addition, if we apply it on the scalp we will leave it hydrated but without feeling greasy, so it can be used even by people who have a fatty root.

Honey also has the ability to be antibacterial. It is a product that can help us to cure problems in the scalp if we also apply it. Dandruff is a very common problem that is created by the action of a fungus, which is a good remedy to apply honey on the hair to cure it. If we also have a wound or infection in the area of the scalp, honey can improve its healing and prevent infections. Without a doubt, it is an element that we can use with many purposes to improve our hair.

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