remove plasticine hair

How to remove plasticine from hair

We are afraid that this moment will come but of course, it is not the first time that we will face how to remove the Plasticine from the hair.

It is a kind of moldable paste with which the smallest can make numerous figures. Mothers are always delighted that this is so they continue to develop their creativity.

But of course, sometimes that creativity gets out of hand and reaches the hair. Do not worry, because there are quick solutions that will help you!

Remove the plasticine from the hair

One of the fastest and simplest tricks is this one. If you were wondering how to remove plasticine from hair, then we will tell you that hot water is a good remedy.

In addition to being effective, we can apply it anywhere. To do this, we must moisten the hair well and all the areas where the plasticine is stuck. Thanks to the hot water, we will get it to soften completely.

Thus, it will be much easier to eliminate it with your fingers. Surely in a matter of minutes, you will have the problem solved.plasticine

Remove the plasticine with baby oil

Undoubtedly, baby oil is another of the most advisable remedies. If you have a bit of this product in your house, you know what you can spend it on. It is perfect because it will make the compounds of plasticine fall apart before this product.

So for this, we are going to apply some of the oil on the plasticine that we have stuck in the hair. In this case, we are going to let it rest so that it has a better effect. After about ten minutes, it will be more than enough.

After this time, just leave with a little hot water and while we pass a comb through the area. Of course, always very carefully. If we see that it is not yet fully detached, we will apply a little more oil and let it rest again.olive oil remove plasticine hair

Vaseline or olive oil

Of course, if you do not have baby oil at home, then do not worry. Surely you’ll have Vaseline or olive oil. Both serve perfectly to see how to remove the plasticine from the hair.

In these cases, we only have to apply the chosen product, whether petrolatum or oil on plasticine. Let also stand a few minutes to soften the area.

In this way, it will be much easier to remove the plasticine completely. You can help your fingers or, with the help of a comb.

Disinfectant for hands, and play dough

Although it is another of the most striking remedies, it is certainly true that it is always better to start with the previous ones. More than anything because this can be a bit more aggressive for the hair. So, it does not hurt to be careful with it and always apply healthier and softer products.

But if all the above has not worked for you, then you must reach this step. It involves applying the hand sanitizer. Plasticine compounds such as silicone will disappear completely.

You just need a few drops of this product and you will leave it again for about 15 minutes. Over time, you will remove the remains with your fingers and finally, help yourself with a comb.

Of course, once you finish removing all the plasticine, wash your hair with warm water or as usual. In this way, we will eliminate all traces of the product.

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