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How to remove cigarette smell from hair without washing

remove tobacco smellToday we are going to give you the best tricks to remove cigarette smell from hair. Yes, it is true that one of the best steps would be to not smoke. Neither we nor the people around us, but it is something we cannot control. So, if you have gone to a party or meeting and bring a certain smell of cigarette, you can end it.

Eliminating the smell of cigarettes from the hair will allow us to wear a more natural mane and with a slightly more palatable aroma. Tobacco seems to be quite attached to both hair and clothing. Something that many people hate and that in his honor, today we are going to put an end to it in the best possible way.

Remove the cigarette smell from perfume hair

If we need any quick fix, this will be perfect. For this, you need some of your favorite perfume. Although cologne will also serve us. We can only apply a couple of droplets in the root zone.

The next step is to comb the hair to be able to extend it and that’s it. You will notice how freshness takes hold of your hair and will say goodbye to the cigarette smell.

Of course, try not to repeat it very often since the components of the perfumes can burn your hair.tobacco

Wash the hair with citrus

It is not necessary that you start squeezing oranges or lemons, but that you have a fresh and nutritious shampoo on hand whose citrus base is.

Apart from the fact that washing the hair is already one of the best remedies against all types of smell, if the shampoo to use has these ingredients, even better.

Once you have washed, remember to apply a mask to complete the treatment process. Only then can you wear the hair you’ve always wanted and free of certain undesirable odors.

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Salt and flour against the cigarette smell

One of the quick solutions is this too. It’s about mixing a heaping spoonful of salt with a small glass of cornmeal or cornstarch. Once they are combined, you should pour the mixture into one of those dusting cans.

They have small holes at the top. In this way, you will have to add it over the root zone in your hair. Once the hair is well sprayed, you will comb it as usual.

Talcum powder

If you don’t have cornmeal, then nothing likes talcum powder. They are perfect to eliminate the cigarette smell from the hair while also adding a cleaner finish.

That is why when we need a quick solution to oily and smelly hair, this will be the best. Of course, nothing will take away that time later we have to give it a good wash.

Smells out with the dryer

To say goodbye to odors in your hair, you can also turn on your dryer and remove them with it. Although we have dry hair, it is one of the easiest ways to end the cigarette smell.

It is a way to ventilate our hair, but for this, we need at least 4 minutes of our time. You will get the finish you want and need.

Always wash it later

When you go to a place where you can smoke, it is best not to wear your freshly washed hair. More than anything because it is said that being somewhat more sensitive, it will be done with all the smell. No doubt, it will be impregnated much more.

So, it is more advisable that the washing is done after having been in a place full of smoke. So we will take care of the hair, at the same time we will say goodbye to the smell.

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