Remedies for oily hair

Oily hair is a big problem for those who have it because sometimes it is necessary to wash your hair daily to avoid it looking dirty and dull. There are some ways to improve the condition of the scalp so that it is not so greasy, although in the vast majority of cases it is a genetic condition that can only be modified a bit.

The oily hair has the disadvantage that it generates too much sebum on the scalp. If we also have fine hair this will look dirty in a short time. The consequence is that you have to wash it very often and it can get worse if we use the dryer a lot. That’s why we’re going to give you some remedies for oily hair.


To begin, we must take into account that we must wash the hair well to avoid dirtiness. Washing too much can cause the scalp to dry out and increase the production of fat. That is why you should use a mild and light shampoo. Transparencies tend to have a much lighter texture than those that are white or colored. With a single wash well done is more than enough, although in shampoos always put that we must do two. Another important point is the conditioner or the mask. They can be used but they must be applied from medium to ends and we must clarify later until the hair is clean.

Dry shampoo

If you do not want to wash your hair so often because you see how it breaks down, a good solution is to use dry shampoo. These shampoos can be used one day and wash the hair the next day. Nor should we abuse them because they can clog pores. They are sprayed at a distance and the hair is combed afterward. Obviously, the shine is not like that of freshly washed hair, but it looks a lot cleaner.

Apple and lemon vinegar

These two products are very astringent and the vinegar also offers an extra shine to the hair. Lemon is only recommended if your scalp is not sensitive, because in some people it can cause itching. The lemon is usually lowered with a little water so it is not so acidic. Mix with the vinegar and soak a cotton ball. With this cotton, it will be much easier to apply the product on the scalp, which is where it has to take effect. It is pressed little by little and wetting. Finally, let it act for a half hour and wash your hair normally.

Aloe vera

If we have aloe vera at home or we can get the gel that is 100% natural, it is one of the most recommended products for any type of scalp. It is one of the best ingredients if we have a scalp that besides having fat can be sensitive or have dandruff because it will act on all these conditions. Aloe vera helps to relieve a sensitive scalp and also ends with dandruff, in addition to avoiding fat. At the same time, it cares for and moisturizes the hair fibers, making it a great hair remedy.


There are some infusions that can be very good for this problem of oily hair. The horsetail can help us strengthen hair and prevent so much fat from being produced. It should only be done, strain and apply on the scalp with a light massage. Another of the infusions that can be useful in this regard is that of rosemary, which also strengthens the hair.

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