Red hair the 2018 hair trend is confirmed

Red at Christmas? “Pure avant-garde” Someone would say… yet there is no doubt that red will reconfirm the color of this year and of what’s to come. From copper to mahogany, passing through every nuance and possible interpretation, red hair is by far the most requested in the salon. It is fundamental to know how to choose them based on the complexion and the morphology of the face, determining factors for the success of a hair color.

Today we want to review all the possible options when choosing to opt for red hair


Eccentric and fascinating at Emma Stone … lots of women want them, but they are not an easy shade to wear. The copper- red hair requires a light complexion to be as natural as possible and also the color of the eyes that they combine makes the difference. Green or blue, are the shades that best match this color.


The darker skin, however, does not necessarily have to give up the dream of red hair: mahogany red, in fact, is the perfect alternative. It is a shade that is good for all because it is characterized by a brown component that contributes to making the hair look very natural and does not clash with the more olive skin or brown eyes. You can choose it in all its shades, from the hottest to the most violent, depending on the nuance you want to make prevail.


If naturalness is not a priority and instead you are more passionate about excess, the strongest red hair is for you.

Among the trendiest shades of last summer, the red fire like just for its lack of naturalness. Once again perfect for light skin, it creates the contrast that you would not have otherwise but should be chosen in a thoughtful way, because it requires an intervention with the color that will change dramatically your appearance.


The latest hair trend is the balayage, the middle way that especially appreciates women with a brunette base. Without distorting the hair look, it is the ideal solution to illuminate the hair with warm red reflections, inspired by the shades of autumn and made with the technique of balayage, satisfying the desire for change without opting for an extreme color.

The red, in short, in all its nuances, is reconfirmed a highly appreciated color, for the elegance and refinement that represent it. And you, will you turn on your 2018 with a flaming hair look?

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