hair from the heat of the iron

How to protect hair from the iron heat

Protecting hair from the iron heat is something we always have to do. There are no excuses for not being careful with it, as it can seriously harm our hair. As we always look to wear a unique mane with shine and very silky. Today we tell you what steps you have to take to get it.

You can’t forget any of them. More than anything because protecting the hair from the heat of the iron is not a complicated task. Although we have to avoid using the iron, If you still depend on it then take a few minutes to follow these steps.

How to protect the hair from the iron heat

One of the first steps we have to consider is this. When using the iron we always have to make sure that the hair is completely dry. Although it is already something that we always know, it is no use reiterating it. More than anything because there are new models of irons that sometimes accept somewhat wet hair. It is best to skip this option. We will avoid damaging the hair fibers.

Hair protector

The next step is that of the hair protector. In order to protect your hair from heat, nothing like a good protector that makes a barrier between them. You will have to spray on the hair and distribute it evenly, but when the hair is still wet. If you have mixed hair, you can opt for a spray in the form of foam so that it can only be applied to the tips and avoid the roots. For more curly hair nothing likes a cream protector. In this way, the hair will be more defined and avoid frizz.

Argan oil

Although it seems a bit contradictory, using argan oil before and after ironing your hair will protect it. Only with a few drops, we will have more than enough. As the plates are used at a specific temperature and not very high, the oil will not have the job of frying our hair but quite the opposite. It will protect it from heat.

Plate temperature

Of course, the temperature cannot be very high. More than anything because we are trying to protect the hair from the iron heat. So, it is best to place it between 170º or 180º. If you have very thin or damaged hair, then you must choose the lowest temperature that your iron allows. For healthy and natural hair, then you can choose about 180º. Remember that you should not bring the iron very close to the root. In this way, we will prevent damage.

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The importance of time

It is not the first time that we see the odd video on the internet about irons and hair in some of them; we are left with our mouths open when we see some results. Surely you have been stunned when you see that the strand they were combing has remained on the iron and not on the head, where it should be as well. Time is also vital for this not to happen. We must not pass the iron repeatedly through the same tuft. In addition, only three seconds are enough to stop in an area, because if we wait for longer, we can say goodbye to the lock in question.

Moisturizing and repairing mask

As many as we consider these steps, you always have to finish caring for your hair. In what way? Well, once a week, we should apply a mask. It is a way to add the hydration and repair that the hair needs. In the same way, we can also avoid in a certain way, setting aside heat sources such as dryers and irons.

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