hair loss all year

How to prevent hair loss all year

At this time there are many who sees how our hair falls much more, and that is why we worry that our hair will recover. Hair loss can be seasonal, which is normal, so in this case, we should only worry that our hair is born healthy. Be that as it may, we must prevent hair loss and weakening.

Haircare must be constant. Over time we realize that our hair is no longer so dense, or not so strong, or that it falls beyond the typical fall seasons. It is important to realize what the problem may be, but more important to realize how to prevent this before it happens.

The importance of food

Food is one of the main pillars of a healthy life and has a lot to do with our beauty. Healthy hair and skin will always be beautiful, and that is why food is so important.

It is logical to think that you have to eat in a balanced way, avoiding saturated fats and processed foods.

In the case of hair loss, we must add that we must take protein and food with iron to prevent anemia, which leads to hair loss.

Keep stress at bay

Stress can be another of the main reasons why hair falls at times that are not normal. Some people even notice a progressive loss of hair throughout the year.

In this case, we must know the reason why there is that stress in our body to control it. Activities like sports can help us reduce that daily stress.

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Avoid tight hairstyles

The straps hairstyles can damage hair that is not strong. It is what is called traction alopecia and is produced by constant hair pulling.

Extensions, braids, or very tight hairstyles constantly make the hair end up not being born in certain areas.

So you have to leave your hair loose most of the time and try to change the side parting.

Take hair supplements

If you are prone to hair loss and think that it needs more strength you can try hair supplements. These give you the necessary nutrients for the hair to grow strong.

In the case of the seasonal fall, they do not stop the fall, because this has to occur, but they do help the new hair to be born much stronger. You have to take them for several months to notice the effect.

Use natural products

Natural products are much softer with the hair and with the scalp. These products do not usually have side effects or products that weaken the hair.

If you want to find the healthiest version in the cosmetic format you have shampoos and products that have neither silicones nor parables. Opt for them because they are a better option for your hair.

Take care of the scalp

The scalp is closely linked to healthy hair. In many cases, the problem of the fall is caused by a dry scalp, with eczema and problems.

There are masks to clean and balance the scalp with products such as amla, which take care of it without being aggressive.

Avoid aggressive treatments

Finally, we must remember that if we do not want to weaken the hair we should avoid aggressive treatments, especially if we have thin and weak hair.

Constant dyes or hair bleaching damage the health of our hair. So we must avoid them and opt for other solutions.

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