How to prepare avocado hair masks

avocado hair masksAvocado hair mask is a perfect remedy for us. Thanks to its diverse natural properties, it will offer you the hydration and shine that our hair needs.

So, if you want to give it a new life, do not forget the masks of avocado for hair that we present today.

They are very varied because, in addition to soaking the properties of avocados, we will do the same with other basic ingredients for our hair. You will see how, in a very economical way, your hair will quickly be the same again. You do not believe it? Discover it!

Properties and benefits of avocado for hair

Of course, before going on to make the avocado hair mask. It is no good that we do a review of all the properties and benefits that will leave us in it.

On the one hand, we do not forget that the avocado is full of minerals such as potassium, iron, zinc or calcium. But not only that, but vitamins also flood it. In this case, it has vitamin C, B5, B3 as well as B2 or B1.Avocado mask

In addition to the properties, we mention their benefits. Without a doubt, it is perfect for all types of hair. Although ideal if you have dry or damaged hair, as well can give a new life.

You can regain vitality, as well as strengthen the follicles and shine so softness will again take over your hair. Do you have split ends or frizz? Then also this ingredient is for you.

Avocado mask with honey

One of the first avocado masks for hair is this one. In addition to the star, the ingredient has to honey. Of course, honey is also perfect to moisturize and give the necessary shine to our hair. But at the same time, it helps us grow and produce keratin.

The procedure is very simple for this we need the pulp of an avocado. We are going to crush it a bit and add a spoonful of olive oil and another one of honey.

Now it only remains to stir very well to be able to mix the ingredients. When applying the mask, it is better to moisten the hair.

Then, we apply from the root to the area of the tips. We will give a gentle massage, cover the head with a towel or shower cap, and leave half an hour.

Then, we remove washing the hair as usual. You can repeat it once or twice a week.

Avocado and lemon mask

If you have somewhat oily hair, then this combination will be perfect for you. Because in addition to taking care of your hair it will make the fat stay at bay thanks to the lemon. But that’s not all, but also adds the banana to incorporate minerals to our scalp.

Again, we have to remove the pulp of the avocado, which we will throw in a bowl. To this, we add a banana and we have to crush and mix with a fork. In addition, we will add a few drops of lemon. Again, we remove well to finish our mask.Avocado mask

When applying it, again we will do it all over the hair. Both the root and the tips will benefit from it.

When we have our hair well soaked with it, then let it sit for 20 minutes. We wash as usual and you’ll see how your hair looks like another.

Mask of avocado and aloe vera

When we mix two great ingredients, we can only get a great mix too. So it is that. I could not miss everything that aloe vera can do for us. Hence, when our hair is badly damaged.

It is always one of the best solutions. So, in this case, we will crush an avocado with two tablespoons of aloe vera and one of coconut oil.

We mix everything well and again; we apply it by the hair. Let it act for 30 minutes and remove with water. You will see how in a short time lights a spectacular hair!

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