Party hairstyles for short hair

Party hairstyles for short hair

Party hairstyles for short hair. During the holidays we always want to wear a nice hairstyle, new makeup and innovate a bit.

They are special occasions in which we want to get out of the routine and create a new look.

In a matter of hairstyles, if we have short hair we see ourselves a little more limited since we can not do very elaborate hairstyles, but still, we have many possibilities to enjoy a beautiful short hairstyle with this type of hair.

Let’s see a few ideas of party hairstyles for short hair. The famous ones have taught us that with short hair you can still innovate and create different hairstyles for every occasion.

Do not wear your usual hair and dare with something new.

Hairstyle with braids

Hairstyle with braids

Who said you could not wear braids with short hair? If you have a certain length you can make small braids that decorate our hair, giving it a different touch.

Of course, there will not be the big braids that can be made with a mane, but in this type of hair, it is possible to make root braids.

And if you want something more elaborate you can also add extensions of ready-made braids.

Which is what many do to change their hairstyle and give the feeling that they have long hair again.

Vintage hairstyle

Vintage hairstyle

In this type of hair, you can do some interesting things, especially for the holidays. The glamorous vintage waves are irresistible, perfect for any special occasion.

These waves are made with fixative and with tweezers and it is a very comfortable hairstyle that can be worn in both short and long hair. Sophisticated, simple and comfortable.

Hairstyle with toupee

Hairstyle with toupee

The toupee is fashionable again, so it cannot be missing in many of the hairstyles for these holidays. It is a hairstyle that should be worn on those days when it does not rain, and what should be done with lacquer and fixative.

It is difficult to keep it perfect all night. So if you want a more lasting effect go to a professional. This is perfect the hairstyle with a toupee and with the sides collected with gel in a wet effect.

In these cases, we see the famous have also opted for side braids, but always leaving the protagonist to the toupee.

Wet effect

The wet or wet effect is one of the most used for short hair, as it keeps it in place all night and is easy to use. From a totally polished effect to a hairstyle with marked waves. The combing wax is very used in this type of hairstyles.

Use the accessories

If you do not want to go to the hairdresser or you are looking for a quick solution and with which you also go great, you have the accessories at hand.

A simple headband with rhinestones can save a simple hairstyle with short hair. You can also look for a turban with jewellery, which is also trending.

Another idea is to use hairpins to decorate the hair and grab some strands. This is a really simple idea and it brings us great Party hairstyles for short hair, with great accessories that give us a touch of brightness.

Dare with the extensions

If you want to make a radical change to your hairstyles, you can always resort to extensions. There are extensions of braids already made, or extensions to add a certain length to the hair, hairpieces and other ideas.

First of all, make sure they are qualified and have a tone equal to that of your hair so you do not notice the contrast, and if you have questions go to your hairdresser for advice at the time of putting them and buy them.

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