Natural oils for curl hair

Each type of hair needs special care. Thus, curl hair is one of those that can present more problems. Because on the one hand, it tends to have a public enemy number one: the frizz. But on the other, the dryness and lack of hydration will make it look very unhealthy.

Although we always talk about very varied masks and tricks, today we are left with natural oils. Because in them we will find everything necessary to give our curl hair back what it deserves. A good base of nutrition as well as hydration!

Benefits of natural oils in curl hair

There are many benefits that oils can leave on our hair. But the truth is that to return the hydration and nourish it, we are satisfied. It has vitamin E, as well as fats that will cause our hair to light up again as it did in the past. If you have very dry hair, you will also notice how the softness is established in it. So the hydration will be the protagonist again. When taking care of the hair follicles, you will notice how your curls are much more natural and he himself will curl better, without the help of external elements. The best thing is to choose oils without refining and ecological; although the truth is that they are more expensive. But if you try, the results will be amazing.atural oils

What oils to use on curl hair

If you want to go to the practical and what we can have at home, then you can not forget the olive oil. Without a doubt, it is one of the best to add the hydration we are looking for. The virgin olive oil, as well as the organic one, is always the best options we have. It will give more life to your hair and prevent dryness, so your curls will look much more natural.

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On the other hand, coconut oil is also one of the great basic beauties. It will protect your hair from the inside. What becomes as basic as essential care? It will also prevent frizz and if we have dandruff, it is best to give some massages with it. It will also help us shape the curls or comb our hair in a natural way. You will not need more than a few drops for all this, so, it will always compensate.

The argan oil will bring you the brightness you also need a curl hair. You can use it when combing and so, say goodbye forever to frizz. Last but not least, we have jojoba oil, which also has the quality of being a powerful moisturizer.

How to apply oils on hair

When applying oils to hair, it is always best not to touch the roots. In this way, we will prevent them from becoming greasy. To extend the product well it is always better to pass a comb through the hair. We will cover the head with a shower cap and let it rest, the chosen product, for about 20 minutes. If you want to moisturize the hair a little more, you can pass the dryer, but with the hat on. Thus, the heat source will activate the oil more and better.natural oils

After the time you just have to remove the hat and wash your hair as usual. A remedy like this you can use once a week. Of course, if your hair is badly damaged and very dry, nothing happens because you do it twice a week. When you see that you have given back life and brightness, then do it regularly but not as often. From each time, apply only a few drops of oil, no need to throw more.

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