My hair is greased very fast, what to do?

There are people who have the problem of excess fat on the scalp, with which the hair is greased very fast. This makes them always have the feeling that the hair is dirty and matted, without shine and without life. If you have the problem of getting your hair greased very fast you may have to look for some remedies and changes in your life to try to avoid it.

While it is true that in most cases having fatty hair is a genetic issue, we can always do something to prevent so much fat from being produced on the scalp.

There are people who must wash their hair every day, so it always breaks down more. We give you some guidelines to avoid that daily fat in the hair.

Why does hair get oily?

The hair is greased because the scalp produces too much sebum and this sticks in the hair, which cakes and gets dirty quickly.

The greater the production of sebum by the glands of the scalp, the messier the hair will be in less time.

The hair is usually greased because we have pure skin genetics, which produces more sebum than in normal or dry skin.

However, there may be other factors that increase the production of sebum on the scalp.

Pollution can affect our skin and scalp causing them to get dirty much more than normal.

On the other hand, we should also try to use the appropriate products to wash the hair, adapted to this type of scalp, avoiding shampoos that are for example moisturizing, as they cake before the hair.

Another factor that must be taken into account is the use of dyes on the scalp.

Tips for the day

When it comes to preventing the hair from greasing, what we should do is choose the right products. Shampoos for oily hair, masks that help balance the scalp or moisturizers that are only for the ends.

Properly using beauty products can save us problems and an excess of fat that should not be there. On the other hand, it is also important not to be constantly touching the hair, as this messes more hair.

Wearing caps can also accelerate the appearance of fat in the hair since we wear it on the scalp.

Once a month you can also do a gentle exfoliation on the scalp to thoroughly clean this area.

Remedies for oily hair

If your hair is easily greased daily there are some remedies that you should take into account to test its effectiveness.

One of the best remedies for oily hair is to use water with lemon since the lemon juice used directly can irritate the skin.

This mixture is used on the washed hair to give a light massage, let it act, and then rinse only with water.

Lemon is a food that has a great astringent power that can be used on the face or scalp.

Another of the remedies most used today is tea tree oil. This peculiar oil can be mixed with the shampoo adding a few drops.

Not only will it help reduce the feeling of fat on the scalp, but also to combat problems such as dandruff, as it helps to kill the fungus that creates this dandruff. This oil can be easily found in herbalists.

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