Moisturizing mask for hair

One of the main problems of hair is dryness, due to everything we do with it on a day to day basis. Heat appliances, jerks, hairstyles, and many other factors make the tips dry out and we urgently need to hydrate the hair. Before reaching this point we should also think about using a moisturizing mask for hair.

The moisturizing hair mask is a great idea to recover dry hair and moisturize it every week. There are many ways to choose it, and that is that we can opt for a natural mask, homemade mask or cosmetic mask bought in a store. Whatever the modality, do not miss these tips and ideas.

How to apply the maskMoisturizing mask

The mask should be applied with care, and that is what we do not want to oil the root and that it looks opaque. In addition, everything depends on the moment in which we apply it. If it is a mask that we use before the shower and our root is not greasy we can apply it from the root, but if it is only a mask with rinsing it is better to use it only at the tips.

The hair should be normally wet and we will use the mask in means and tips. The masks need a time of rest to penetrate well in the hair, so the best solution is to wrap the hair with a towel that provides heat and leave for a half-hour to rinse or wash them. Only then will we notice the true effects of the mask.

Homemade moisturizing mask

The homemade moisturizing masks are always a good choice when we have no hand or else we like natural solutions. One of the simplest is the olive oil, which provides a lot of hydration to the hair, but you have to avoid it in roots always because it creates a lot. Other ingredients that help to hydrate the hair are honey, which also helps to lighten it up if we want some wicks in brighter tones, yogurt, and ripe avocado.

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If we want to join the fashion of natural oils, we have the jojoba or coconut, which are very good to moisturize and can even be used on the scalp, because they do not increase the production of fat. The way to use them is very simple since we only have to spread them through the hair, cover and wait, to wash them.

Natural moisturizing mask

There are many firms that use natural ingredients and that have good products to use on their hair. There are firms such as Lush or Logon that has hair products, including some masks. When looking for the ideal product we must take into account their properties, since they usually create masks for different hair types. Natural cosmetics has grown a lot in recent years, and in addition to being more respectful with the environment is good for our skin and hair, avoiding irritations or reactions that we can have with products that carry chemicals.

Cosmetic mask

In cosmetics and large stores, it is very easy to find all kinds of hair masks with many ingredients. It is a very wide world and there are many varieties and qualities in the masks, so everything will depend on the taste of each person and the needs of their hair. Some are masks to use in a short time, for those in a hurry, but these are not as moisturizing as those natural products that care hair without adding paraben or silicones in its formula. This is an easier option and there are quality masks, but in general, it is always better to opt for the natural.

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