Military haircut

Military haircuts ideas for men (Ultimate Guide)

The military is always self-disciplined and daring. Which is well illustrated by the military haircuts that are often seen on and off the army base.

Most of these military haircuts are short and easy to maintain.

Even with the basic appearance of different tall, tight haircuts are still very popular among men.

To make sure that the military cut you have chosen to your satisfaction. It is advisable to have a photo that you can show to your hairdresser. So that he can advise you on the best way to obtain the military look.

If you are a fan of army haircuts. Then the many options for the look may seem a little overwhelming but with the right advice.

You can choose the one most suitable for you. Among the military haircuts that have become very popular with many men are:

The short cut

short military haircut

If you want an almost bald look but don’t want to cut your hair to the skin, then this is the military haircuts ideal for you. Most of the time, the hair left on the head is about 0.5cm long. Which can be easily achieved using a hair clipper.

The crew cut

 crew military haircut ideas

It is a simple haircut that is considered quite conservative compared to other military haircuts.

The cut consists of cutting the hair to at least 5cm but making sure that the front part of the head has an additional length which can be brushed as part of the styling.

The hairs on the sides of the head as well as on the back should be much shorter and even tapered.

If you prefer so that the final cut has a certain shape, especially at the front.

The regulatory cut

regulatory military haircut ideas

This military cut is considered to be one of the oldest and can be made with longer hair as it requires only a minimal cut.

To give it a neat appearance, the hair on the back as well as on the sides of your head is tapered down to the skin.

Most of the time, the hairdresser will use scissors to cut the hair. then a clipper to make sure the sides and back are tapered.

The flat cut

flat cut

This cut is ideal for men who have straight hair because the final look usually reveals the upper part of the hair as flat.

In most cases, the top hair is cut to a minimum length and then cut so that when brushed, it stays flat.

The sides and the back of the head are cut short in a gradient according to the preference of the individual.

The degraded haircut

degraded haircut

Although there are different versions of this particular cut, the military version is still styled in a standard way.

The hair left at the top never exceeds 5cm and the sides are cut to the shortest possible length.

This haircut can be done on different hair types with the end result being good if done by a professional hairstylist.

There are three different types of gradients


The regular gradient – A regular fade is when the hair along the sides and back of your head ends at the natural line of your hair. The hair is gradually tapered down until you reach the sides and bottom of the hairline.

The crossfade – The crossfade is a very aggressive tapered gradient. The hair is quickly tapered until you reach it about 3 to 5 cm above the bottom of the hairline at this point.

The shaded gradient – A shaded gradient is between the regular fade and the shaded gradient. The hair is tapered down until you reach between 2.5cm to 4cm above the base of the hairline.


military haircuts

The induction cut is theĀ military haircutsĀ that on the first day of training camp. It has an appropriate title because it distributed almost by a chain to all those who are incorporated the first day of training camp.

The induction of military haircut is elementary. Use an excellent electric mower that has no guard on it to create the closest possible cut. The result is a texture similar to that of the beard.

The reason they do this is that they quickly remove all the hair without going through the tedious steps of shaving to clean it.

The haircut is not very attractive. However, the hairstyle is effective and efficient for what is needed.

Longer ball to zero

Longer ball to zero haircat

Longer ball to zero in the same way as the two previous cuts. It is used with a hair clipper and leaves the hair a little longer than the short haircut.

Birch is a term used for any fashionable cut that with one of the highest numbers on the guard hair clipper.

The High and Tight

High-and-Tight haircat

The tall, tight army haircut is very recognizable as specific military haircuts. A low guard trimmer around the sides of the head and the hair is left about 2.5cm long on top.

Military haircuts is a very rare haircut that can look great on the right person; however, it just right; it is a dangerous choice.


Dramatic undercut

dramatic undercut

The topcoat of this cut is probably a little too long to be a real military haircut. It is nevertheless extremely masculine.

With a tight border on the sides and a spruce top, what more do you need?


The messy Ivy League

messy Ivy League

It’s better like that! Of course, this is not a fashionable cut, but this short and clean style cut is fully up to military standards.

It’s hard not to respect a man who is shaved closely with such a cut.

Subtle disconnection with discoloured sides of the skin


If your hair is naturally super curly, you may want to try an ultra-short afro, just like this one. Disconnecting from the sides is optional but adds a little more sparkle.

Classic short top with tapered sides

Classicshort top

Ah, short on the top and even shorter on the sides. This simple cut uses a wick – leading to short facial hair – to create a fierce, strong look on the face.

Side-swept with shaved undercut

Side swept with shaved unde

For ultra-short undercut, why not sweep the top sideways? It’s an easy way to add class to any short look.

Degraded to the skin

Degraded to-the skin

In the case of fashionable cuts, it can be a surprising amount of deliberation on how to deal with the sides.

Are you going to mow at the same height all around the head, lower it once, or gently blend it like here?




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