Mask for oily hair

The oily hair is one of the most complicated there because if you have a tendency to produce much sebum will give us a lot of work, needing washes even daily. Who has the oily hair and also has the chance to have it fine, will always be struggling with this aspect of hair with little volume and dirty. For that reason, we are going to give you some ideas in masks for oily hair.

A mask for oily hair has to take care of it and reduce that tendency to the sebum that hair has. There are specific products for this type of hair, which must act on the skin since it is there where sebum is produced. Therefore, for a mask to work it must be applied to the scalp since it is the one that needs the care to reduce fat.

Egg and lemon masklemon mask

If we want to reduce the fat in our scalp we can make use of those ingredients that are astringent. Find what has astringent power and discover if it is good for your scalp. In this case, we have a mask with egg white and lemon. It must be said that the lemon on the skin is usually strong so it is not recommended if you also have a sensitive scalp. In those cases, it is better to opt for other types of ingredients. Lemon has many properties, including astringent on the skin, so it is used in masks for oily skin. Mixed with the egg white provides hydration and also prevents it from being very strong with the skin. You must mix two egg whites with the juice of a lemon and make a simple mask, leaving it to act for about twenty minutes.

Mask with aloe veraaloe vera

If your scalp is oily and sensitive it is better to try aloe vera. Although it is not an astringent product has the great property of caring for the scalp and clean it from the residue that may be left of the products that we use daily and that also contribute to the hair getting dirty. This mask can be mixed with orange essential oil to improve the astringent power. Insensitive skin, it is highly recommended to do it at least once a week to take maximum care of the scalp.

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White clay mask

The clay is a natural product that both care for our skin and our hair. You can buy white powdered clay, mix it with bottled water in a non-metal container and create a kind of paste or mud. Apply on the scalp and leave on for half an hour. It is one of the best remedies for the hair and face with fat, which also respects the skin and cleans it. White clay is often used on more sensitive skins, although the mythical green clay is always suitable for oily hair, which is usually much easier to find since it is used much more.

Jojoba oil mask

Although this may seem strange, the truth is that jojoba oil can help reduce fat, both on the face and on the scalp. This oil has the ability to clean the skin without clogging it while hydrating it. But it has a composition so similar to the fat of the skin that normally makes it reduce the production of fat to a great extent. Those who have dry skin should not use it regularly, but it is highly recommended for oily skin since with various uses you can see how the skin is less greasy.

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