Long hair: the right cuts for each face

Would you like to grow long hair but do not know how to wear them? Discover the most suitable cuts for each face shape inspired by the “first” and “after” of the Hollywood stars!

We all know how much a haircut can drastically change the perception of a face, and should never underestimate the choice of cut, or made lightly because the hair is a sort of “halo” that accompanies us constantly and frames where it falls the attention of those who look at us: our face.

Hair has the power to rejuvenate and give personality, and is a tool of seduction that strongly attracts male interest, which we do not mind, right? Know that there is no cut preferred by men, however, it is all a matter of the relationship between face, personality and cut/color that is in itself for every woman. Of course, long hair their charm never lose, even if lately the trends want short and medium cuts, more than long, because they are also more manageable in everyday life. But the long hair also has the merit or, the possibility of being coiffed in many different ways (and beautiful!): So do not underestimate its practical sides!

In choosing a cut one of the first factors that effect is definitely the shape of the face because it is all a game of balance, harmony, compensation or contrasts. If you still do not know what form of face you have, then it is important to start from here! Once you have identified your face shape you need to understand what should be camouflaged and what should be enhanced. The medium-long or long hair can work well on all types of face, but with specific measures for each one: let’s see them together!

Jessica Alba on the left with a shortcut covering her face and on her right, long and wavy hair that reveals the perfect outline

The long cut for the oval face

Given that an oval face like that of Jessica Alba can afford many different cuts thanks to its regularity and perfection in the outline because “cover” with fringe and tufts? Its beauty is to make it perceive in its entirety and in its perfect outline. On the left a Jessica Alba with her face covered by fringe and scaling on the contour, on the right her angelic face left intact in its perfect outline and framed wisely by romantic waves.

If you have an oval face and your somatic features are symmetrical opts for the central line and a long slightly wavy or smooth, if instead you have obvious asymmetries opts for the sideline that makes the tuft fall on the opposite side of the asymmetry ( for example, a nose that looks right, a line on the right and a tuft that falls to the left), because this trick helps you to minimize the asymmetry.

The long cut for the square face

Keira Knightley on the left with a cut that accentuates the squaring of her face, weighing it down and on the right, with a medium-long, rough cut that softens her face

Here is an example of a very clean square face, the beautiful face of actress Keira Knightley. On the left he wears a short, clean bob that weighs down the lower part of his face, accentuating his square jaw. On the right, she wears a medium-long, rough cut that frames her face and softens and rebalances her features. If you also have a square face, your goal is to soften it, then tip on a medium length and a soft styling.

The long cut for the round face

If you have a round face with full cheeks like that of Kirsten Dunst then the long cut worn smooth, or slightly wavy, is strategic, because it has the power to streamline and stretch the face. Cuts like in the picture on the left, like a full and short bob, tend to make the round face feel even more round. While a medium-long or long cut carried with the side or middle row, it works much better, because your goal is to make your face longer and dry. Also remember to always keep a minimum volume at the top of the head, which helps to slender.

Kirsten Dunst on the left with an even helmet that accentuates the roundness of the face, on the right in a long smooth with a lateral line that slims and lengthens the face

The long cut for the heart or reverse triangle face

Scarlett Johansson has a face of an angel, with an inverted triangle shape, that is, in which the width of the forehead prevails, while jaws and chin are elusive, a bit like an egg downwards. The goal, in this case, is to minimize the wide forehead and “fill” the empty space at the sides of the jaws. In the picture on the left, with the short and voluminous cut at the top of the head accentuates the broad forehead, in the long right cut instead the triangular face rebalances perfectly because the width of the forehead is minimized and the sides of the face are filled with voluminous lengths.

Scarlett Johansson in the picture on the left with a short and voluminous cut at the top that accentuates the broad forehead, on the right with a long and wavy cut that minimizes the forehead and fills the emptiness at the sides of the elusive jaws

The long cut for the oblong face

An oblong face, whether squared or oval, needs to be visibly shortened. As you can imagine a long, smooth and even cut, it greatly accentuates the length of the face, which we want to harmonize. If you have a tight, dry and long face, it takes volume on the sides of the face, scaling, and an average length, not too long. Sarah Jessica Parker knows it well, she loves to wear them long, but most of the time the styling aims at soft waves and lateral volumes. Pay attention instead to the volume at the top of the head, you do not need it because it would tend to accentuate the verticality even more.

Sarah Jessica Parker on the left with a long worn spaghetti that accentuates the length and thinness of the face, on the right with wave styling that rebalances the face, introducing an element of horizontality

The long cut after 50 years

It is said that from 50 long hair is not ideal but like all things … depends! If you can take them well, there is no “forbidden” age. Some excellent examples of women today over 50 with long hair are the actress Demi Moore, and the homegrown and beautiful Monica Bellucci and Sabrina Ferilli. There is always the same rule in the shape of the face to understand which cut is best to choose, and the rule of care. Because if they are long but not cured then yes they tend to age: obvious regrowth, opacity, cut and styling not suitable, can compromise the image and make it look neglected. The case in which they are definitely discouraged is when they are very fine or a little thin because the long one could accentuate these characteristics.

Demi Moore, Sabrina Ferilli, Monica Bellucci at 50 with long hair

Now that you’ve found the perfect long cut for your face shape, you just have to take care of it, because long hair is beautiful but requires extra care to keep it healthy and shiny. And then equipped with everything you need to style them: give off bands and scarves, which with long hair are super-chic, and learn to pick them up nicely in a sexy ponytail or in a refined bun for special occasions.

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