Cut long hair and climb for the winter 2018

longHow to get the best out of a long haircut and climb for the coming months: so many tips and lots of pictures to look carefully!

After a few seasons where short hair seemed to have the best of all (or almost), the long-haired hair has finally returned to the great tendency, showing the world the chance to resort to hair with a soft and natural effect… as long as for being properly managed by a good hairstylist. But what are the coolest trends in cuts on long hair? What are the tips that you should consider? And what mistakes should you avoid?

Let’s find out a bit more, with a brief focus on this unmissable trend for the coming months!

Long and tall hair, here’s the trend at the top

With regard to long-haired haircut trends, probably the most contemporary and trendy trend is what it is supposed to maintain greater fullness in the final part of the hair, thus avoiding lighter tips, as they used to do once.

As to the effects that can be achieved by scaling long hairs if they are smooth, it may, in general, be worth remembering that the hairline tends to have a greater texture and volume and hence a movement effect that goes very fashionable in these months. However, if the long hair is slightly moved, it will be possible to emphasize such waves by giving a better definition. Finally, if the long hair is slightly curly, the hair will appear longer than the actual length, giving a feeling of greater extension.

How to handle your cut long scaled

Contrary to what many people think, cutting along does not require any particular maintenance but only the use of styling products that can be mousse or creams, depending on the type of hair and styling that you want to make: if not you know where to turn your attention, it is always advisable to consult with your hairstylist who is most likely to refer you to the preferred solution. All the major manufacturers have long been developing ad hoc products and you will not find easy to find what’s right for you!

Style tips for a long climbed cut

Before leaving with a new gallery of long- cut haircuts, let’s take some final style advice.

For example, if you have a particularly rounded face, the goal you should achieve with such a cut is to work with lines that tend to stretch the features and with scaling that give volume on top, avoiding fringes and tufts that tend to instead of shortening and widening the shape of the face.

If you are lucky enough to have an oval face, you can use more cutting and shaping techniques more easily without any special difficulties. Finally, if you have an elongated face, you should turn your attention to a maximum length behind and leave the tuft longer, with the scaling that will start from the cheekbone

Onwards features giving the impression of a longer face.

Whatever your facial characteristic is, remember that it is always advisable to leave your hair and shape as natural as possible, using minimal brushes and comb, in such a way as to emphasize the easy style that goes very fashionable even in recent months.

In conclusion, in reference to the type of coloration with which the cut along the length makes it even better, you probably have to point more emphasis to give more light to the contour of the face without scratching the tips as seen so far.

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