Lavender oil Benefits and uses on skin and hair

Lavender oil is one of the most used in medicine and cosmetics because of its multiple properties. It is also one of the oils most used for aromatherapy sessions. Regular massage with lavender oil increases the circulation of the scalp, reduces hair loss, and makes the hair well and shiny. Did you know you can do it yourself at home?

Although nowadays it is possible to find it in herb stores, cosmetic stores, and pharmacies, many people prefer to prepare this oil at home. This is why we offer you here to know more about its preparation and its main applications.

Its powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Lavender oil works very well in providing relief from irritating scalp conditions, such as psoriasis, dandruff, itching, and dryness.

Lavender oil is a powerful essential oil. Which can be used in many forms as a natural remedy for acne.

Benefits of lavender oil on hair

Lavender oil for hair care

Natural remedies for damaged hair, eliminating dandruff, , preventing hair loss, and reducing the end of the spleen. Also, people with unwanted lice or unwanted nit will benefit and use lavender oil in full. Besides, someone who is really trying to get a hair loss can be applied. To grow your hair, massage your scalp with only lavender oil. You can do this before a shower and you can see and feel the result over time.

Lavender oil is therapeutic for hair

Lavender oil has therapeutic properties. Which are essential for hair growth. When we are anxious, depressed, or stressed we automatically have a greater chance of experiencing hair loss. Our psychological state plays a huge role in hair loss. When our body is under stress and pressure it does not work the way it was meant to.

The therapeutic properties of lavender oil aromatherapy help relieve some of the stress and help prevent hair loss and conditions related to hair loss. It also helps promote blood circulation throughout the body (including the scalp). Which promotes strong and healthy hair growth.

lavender oil hair

Recipe for dry scalp

  • 6 cedar drops
  • 4 drops of lavender
  • 2 drops of sandalwood or geranium
  • 2 drops of patchouli


  • Apply 1 teaspoon diluted 20:80 with a carrier oil to the scalp and rub vigorously for 2-3 minutes. Leave on the scalp for 60-90 minutes.
  • mix 2-4 drops of essential oils with 1-2 teaspoons of your ingredients.

Recipe for oily scalp

  • 6 drops of peppermint
  • 4 drops of lemon
  • 2 drops of lavender


  • Apply 1 teaspoon diluted with a 20:80 carrier oil to the scalp and rub vigorously for 2-3 minutes. Leave on the scalp for 60-90 minutes.
  • Mix 2-4 drops of essential oils with 1-2 teaspoons of your ingredients.

Hair Loss Prevention Recipe

  • 4 drops of rosemary
  •  drops 4 of thyme
  • 4 drops of lavender
  • 4 cedar drops
  • 2 drops of incense or sacred incense


  • dilute 50:50 with a carrier oil and massage 1 teaspoon into the scalp vigorously for 2-3 minutes. Rinse. Or
  • dilute 5 drops of essential oils with 20 drops of carrier oil. Massage into the scalp. Let it sit overnight while you sleep. Or
  • add 10 drops of essential oils to 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and massage into the scalp. Let it sit overnight while you sleep. Or
  • mix 2-4 drops of essential oils with 1-2 teaspoons of your ingredients. Massage into the scalp. Leave for 15 minutes. Rinse.

Lavender oil for skin problems

Used for dark circles

It gives moisture to the area around the eyes which removes wrinkles associated with dryness and also fades age spots and dark spots and circles. This oil will also help remove bags under the eyes. Mix a few drops of lavender oil with aloe vera gel and massage the eye area very gently. Keep it for 20-30 minutes and wash it off. Repeat daily for quick results.

Lavender oil improves skin tone

This oil detoxifies the skin and removes dead skin cells to give a more luminous and glowing face. Mix 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, 1 tablespoon of honey and a few drops of this oil and gently massage the face for 2-3 minutes and leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash it off and apply a moisturizer.

Lavender oil used for wrinkles

A perfect anti-aging serum cannot be done without lavender oil. Mix 15 drops of lavender oil with 1 ounce of jojoba oil and also add 5 capsules of vitamin E and store them in a glass bottle. Apply to your face twice a day to remove wrinkles. Jojoba oil is a moisturizing oil worldwide.

How can I use it?

  • Add 1 to 4 drops of oil to 1 tablespoon of carrier oil. It has been found that a 1: 4 mixture of lavender oil and tea tree oil provides the best benefits for acne-affected skin. You can dilute the oil further, depending on the sensitivity of your skin. You can also apply undiluted lavender oil to a large pimple that is about to burst.

As it is an astringent, it controls the oil that supports the growth of pimples. But, be careful not to use the undiluted oil on your entire face, as it is very concentrated. To treat acne in your arms or back, add a few drops of the oil to your bath and soak for about 15 minutes.

It not only helps to cure acne but also provides the much-needed relaxation to lessen the effects of stress. You can also use over-the-counter products, such as lotions, gels, soaps, and aromatherapy oils that contain lavender oil as the active ingredient.

For all skincare due to its rejuvenating powers and balancing effects. It helps heal burns, sunburns, acne, boils, bruises, eczema, psoriasis, wounds, and sores from all descriptions.

It is easily absorbed by the skin and soothes the deeper layers of it. Lavender can also be used in cases where you burn your skin, as long as the wound is not open, there should be no problem. It effectively heals burns.

If you have dry skin, just use a little lavender to bring moisture back to the skin. Or you can mix it in the lotion to keep your skin nice and moist.

The lavender essential oil can be used properly which means without diluting in the carrier oil but it should be done in small amounts and only for minor skin problems.

However, it is advisable to dilute lavender with an oil carrying vegetables such as olive oil, jojoba, sweet almond oil, etc. Just to make sure that your skin does not have an allergic reaction.

Contraindications in the use

Not recommended to apply in the first months of pregnancy, and especially after abortion. Do not consume with iodine and iron-containing drugs for anemia. Check the flavor of individual tolerance.

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