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hairstyles for rainy days 0

The best hairstyles for rainy days

Already entered at this time, it is time to think about hairstyles for rainy days. Because we don’t have to give up the style we like, but simply adapt it to the new circumstances. The humidity will not make our task very simple. So, it’s time to forget about all those perfect, straight and flawless hairstyles. It is best...

How to Slow Hair Growth Naturally 0

How to slow hair growth naturally

If we hate to always be aware of hair removal. When you think you are perfectly washed, you watch carefully, there are the hairs growing and becoming visible. Well, today we are going to see how to delay hair growth as much as possible. Of course, it would be one of the best options to be able to carefree....

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How to make your hairstyle in the last longer

Whenever we get a nice hairstyle, we want and need it to last. But it is not always what we want. So, it would not be the first time that soon, our hairstyle is not even what it was. So today, we are going to give you some tips to make the hairstyle last longer. There are many reasons...

best hairstyles for thin faces 0

5 best hairstyles for thin faces

Do you have a very round face? If you think this type of face does not favor you, do not worry. Today we will tell you what the haircuts to thin the face are. Thanks to them, we will be able to refine our features a little more. Yes, because the hair has the ease of making our face...

give volume 0

How to give volume to hair with the same hair

Even if you think we have done a kind of tongue twister, nothing is further from reality. We just want to help you give volume to the hair with the same hair. That is, with no more additions than your own hair. If we always indicate some tricks to keep the hair more careful, today we do not need...

hairstyles for sports 0

The best hairstyles for sports

The season begins to get in shape, sign up for the gym and get to achieve the goals that we have set. But not for that reason we have to neglect our looks when doing sports. It is possible to find hairstyles for sports that are comfortable and at the same time look good for exercise.

shiny hair 0

How to get a shiny hair simple gestures

The hair may appear opaque at certain times, and this does not favor anyone. A healthy hair is soft and shiny, so we’ll have to see what may be ruining our hair to get that shiny hair that we like. A nice hair is healthy hair, but for that, you have to take care of it a lot. We...

How to wave the hair 0

How to wave the hair

How to wave the hair. Wavy hair is one of the most requested techniques by all. Both for those with straight hair and for those with undefined waves. For all, in general, we show you some ideas that are perfect to discover how to wave your hair and get the desired effect we need. Some of the techniques may...

Party hairstyles for short hair 0

Party hairstyles for short hair

Party hairstyles for short hair. During the holidays we always want to wear a nice hairstyle, new makeup and innovate a bit. They are special occasions in which we want to get out of the routine and create a new look. In a matter of hairstyles, if we have short hair we see ourselves a little more limited since...

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How to avoid split ends and damaged hair

We spend the day using rubber bands, accessories and heat tools or products to be able to wear the hair as we wish. Smooth, with waves, curly and the tone that we like the most. The problem in all this is that the hair ends up spoiling, and when we realize we will be before some broken and broken...