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How to keep hair clean and healthy

Today, in our beauty article, we bring you some tricks to keep hair clean and healthy. Sometimes we do not give it all the importance it deserves, but hair is the main part of our cover letter. A shiny hair, with good looks, healthy and beautiful can be the best compliment that we wear and look on its own.

If you want to know what some of these tricks are, read on a little below.

What to do to take care of your hair?

The steps that you will read below are simple to follow and they hardly take time in your practice. If you want to have beautiful hairdo everything that we recommend:

  • Brush your hair before proceeding to wash. Doing this will eliminate all those loose hairs we have while eliminating tangles one at a time. The subsequent washing of our hair will be done more easily and without entanglements that make our proper washing impossible.
  • Another trick, which we usually do not know, is that it is better to foam before our hands and then pass this to the hair. Thus the hair suffers less chemical agents of the shampoo. Start first at the back of your head and as you create more foam cover it for the rest of the hair.
  • Change the water temperature when washing, preferably apply warm or cold. The cold water closes the hair cuticles making it less frizzy once dry. In addition, this change in temperature stimulates the blood vessels and activates the hair follicles.
  • The correct way to dry the hair is to press it gently with a towel to remove excess water and moisture from it. It is not necessary to twist the hair or rub it vigorously.
  • Do not leave your hair wrapped in the towel for more than 15 minutes. It is not recommended to do this. It is best to go directly to the dryer. This should be alternating in warm or cold temperatures, never hot. Dry it directly in the direction of hair growth and finish drying it with cold air.
  • Once dry, brush your hair from the roots to the tips and in several directions, not just

After these general tricks of washing and brushing the hair, we will give you some more specific:


  • Apply the mask once a week. The mask has to be according to the type of hair you have (protector of color, for dry hair, for oily hair, etc.).
  • Apply some serum before drying it if you have a hair with split ends and curled. This serum will facilitate combing and smoothing it.
  • Clean your brushes every so often so that your hair does not get dirty every time you brush it. Having these brushes care and without impurities helps the hair stay clean for longer.

Do you carry out each and every one of these tips for the care of your hair? Do you think there are other councils equal or more important than these? If so, share them thanks to the comments section.

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