Inspiration in medieval hairstyles

With the fame of series such as Vikings and Game of Thrones has become a great inspiration in terms of looks and medieval hairstyles with a touch of topicality. In addition, there are many fairs dedicated precisely to the medieval world in which everyone is disguised and inspired by this type of ideas.

We will leave you a few hairstyles to enjoy these medieval fairs or simply to comb your hair one day when you want to go original. Some are quite elaborate hairstyles, but certainly, all can be a great idea to change your look and immerse yourself in the medieval world.

Medieval hairstyles with braidsmedieval hairstyles

The braids are a regular in medieval hairstyles and are also very fashionable. It is a hairstyle that also gives us a lot of play, and that is that we can use many variants. From big and thick braids to small braids that mix with others. In general, they can be collected or semi-collected, playing with these braids. If we leave hair loose, it is better to create wide and beautiful waves that turn out to be natural.

Medieval hairstyles with hoopsmedieval hairstyles

This is a novelty that can also be included in the world of medieval-inspired hairstyles. The hairstyles with hoops that intertwine in the hair are a trend. There are sets of hoops or piercing to put on the hair, both in pigtails and in braids, and that these adorn the hair. Choose a ring that contrasts with the tone of your hair to make it look much better. So you’ll have a much more boho and informal touch in your braids. Above all, it is a very original hairstyle.

Medieval hairstyles with ornamentsmedieval hairstyles

The adornments can also be perfect for this type of hairstyles, and we found some ideas that can be very good. The wreaths became popular a few years ago and are still related to the boho style and the medieval world. There are many crowns in many different shades, so we can choose the one that is most suitable for us or for our look.

Medieval hairstyles GOT, inspirationmedieval hairstyles

The Game of Thrones series has brought us great inspiration in terms of hairstyles and costumes. In the hairstyles are many of his characters that everyone wants to imitate, such as Daenerys, which we have already shown one of his typical hairstyles with braids. As for Sansa Stark is another that is changing with the seasons, but always shows his hair in a simple and natural way. Usually used semi-collected with some hair on the sides, with natural and light waves.

Margaery is another of the protagonists of the saga and offers us a simple and beautiful hairstyle with semi collected with which a small bow is formed and the rest of the hair is dropped in waves. This is one of the most used medieval hairstyles since it is simple and flattering. Of course, it requires at least a half mane. If our hair is short we can choose to add an ornament such as wreaths.

Vikings medieval hairstylesmedieval hairstyles

There is another series that has triumphed with the looks of its protagonists. We refer to Vikings, with Lagertha turned into the Viking with more style. Their hairstyles have something of wild and informal, but always original and feminine. He adds details to give them a majestic touch but the braids and the semi-collected ones are the ones that take center stage in this series. His hairstyles, with all those variants of the braid and collected, have been shared and copied around the world. What is your favorite medieval inspiration?

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