Ideas to make the hair look longer

Whenever we wait patiently for the hair to grow, it seems that it will be slower than ever. So time does not pass and we want the hair to look longer. Well, we already have several solutions. Also, nothing complicated, so you can quickly put them into practice.

We do not always like the idea of having to cut the hair, but we know that it is necessary. The changes of look, trying to clean it or maybe other problems, make us cut our hair every so often. But then the craving can and we want to see it long. Starting today, you will not have to wait any longer.

Double high pigtail to make the hair look longer

The hair ponytailed is always a good choice. Maybe because they will never go out of style and because, they can wear both an elegant and formal style for each day of the week, letting the most casual style take over from us. Whatever your taste and your style, here you will have a good idea to make your hair look look longer

You’ll have to comb your hair back. Instead of making a ponytail with him, you’ll have to do two. The first of them will carry more hair and we will have to make it high. The second one will be located just below the previous one. Both, we will pick them up with a rubber band. Although it may not seem like it, having a lower ponytail will make your hair look longer and even more voluminous. Finally, comb the hair well to continue hiding the second queue and that the first is the main character.

Clip extensions

Another option is the extensions. But in this case, we’re left with the clip. Because we will put them ourselves only when we want. A perfect and cheaper option than other similar ones. To do this, we must first comb them well so that they do not get tangled up. Help yourself with a comb to separate the areas where you want to place the extensions. You will place them in tufts that are not too thick and always fix the clip in the part closest to the roots.Clip extensions

Asymmetric haircut

It is also the haircuts that can help us with many things. One of them is to make the hair look longer. Undoubtedly, the asymmetric type cuts are perfect for our mission today. Because they will always leave us one part longer than another, giving the perfect sensation of that length we are looking for. Therefore, we can choose a Bob cut that leaves the front strands longer than the later ones. On the other hand, you can also choose the layers. The hair cut in layers will always look longer. If you also have very fine hair, a layered cut will be ideal for you. It will give you the necessary volume.

The line in the middle

It is true that it is not for all types of faces, but it is true that if you see yourself favored, you can always comb your hair in this way. The line in the middle and with straight hair is another of the best remedies to make our hair look much longer than it is. By making the volume shrink, it will make the hair weigh a little more and hence we get the expected result.

Always straight hair

We have mentioned it and now we make it a reality. The straight hair is always another key idea for our mission. Because it will cause that with the lack of volume, it will tend to fall a little more. Hence the feeling that it really is much longer than it seems. In addition, straight hair is always perfect to wear with different styles. So it is a simple and ideal option for each day of the week. For which of these ideas will you start?

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