Ideas on how to bleach hair

When it comes to hiding hair in certain areas we have several options. One of the simplest is to depilate the area. Although sometimes the hair is so fine that you can opt for the great discoloration. There are several ways to discolor hair in places where it is thin, to avoid hair removal.

Bleaching hair is a simple process that can be done in several ways. We are going to give you some tips to get to hide the hair in areas such as the neck or face. In addition, there are those who use discoloration for places such as eyebrows.

What hair to discolor

There are areas of our body in which the best option we have for being painless and effective is to discolor hair. This may be a good idea in places like the upper lip, the chin area or even the arms. However, if we notice that the hair is thicker than usual or very black, it is always a better idea to remove the hair with different hair removal methods. The hair that is discolored is that which is very fine and quite abundant since it is the most comfortable.

Bleach with powders

The bleaching powders are a great option if we want to discolor the hair since its action is immediate if we follow the application instructions in detail. In this case, a test must be done before applying the cream, since it can cause skin reactions. These powders are mixed to make a paste that usually has a slightly strong odor. It is applied to the area that you want to bleach and the minutes that you put in the instructions are allowed to work. Then the paste is removed and the skin is rinsed with plenty of water so that there are no remains. These powders usually have chemical products such as ammonia to cause that change of tone in the hair quickly, so you have to try them on the skin first.

Bleach with hydrogen peroxide

Oxygenated water may be another option if we want the hair to acquire a much lighter shade. Oxygenated water does not act as fast as cream, but it is quite effective. It should be applied daily leaving it to act and then washing the skin. This method is less fast but it is very economical and it is valid for places where there is little hair or you do not see much, so you do not need an instant discoloration.

Tips for bleaching

The products that discolor the hair are quite strong and have chemicals, so you always have to be careful when applying them on the skin. It should be tested in a small part. If we have sensitive skin, it can make us react, so we have to have a suitable product on hand to take care of the skin. On the other hand, you should avoid exposure to the sun after using these products, as there may be spots on the skin.

Other alternatives

If the option of discoloration does not work because it is too much hair or because the cream is not suitable for our skin, we can always choose other things. For fine and abundant hair in places like the face, one of the best methods is hair removal with thread. This depilatory method has great advantages. A thin thread has used that twists and goes through the face. This thread hooks the hair little by little and starts it off. The best thing about this method is that it is good for sensitive skin because it does not harm sensitive skin. It can be done in beauty centers and also at home, with a little practice.

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