Ideas for haircuts for square face

Each one of the face types is different and each one of them asks for a specific style of hairstyle or cut. Hence, today we focus on haircuts for a square face. So if you have this shape on your face, you will know if you are right with your hairstyle.

Although a priori it does not look like it, as long as we succeed with a specific haircut, our features will vary. We are bringing more light to the face and we will not see fully favored. So, if you have the shape of the square face, you will already know how to comb your hair. Do we discover it?

Features of the square face

For people who are still not sure if they really have this type of face or not, we will get you out of doubt. One of the characteristic features is that they usually have a wide chin or chin. No doubt, it will be quite prominent and somewhat flat. Also, the forehead, as well as cheekbones, can be similar. So the wide strokes and the right angles are the ones that best define you.

Haircuts for a square face, which favors me?

Undoubtedly, the cut Bob that is the longer chin. We will give you a bit of movement with soft waves and we can even parade the ends a bit. A hairstyle like this will make the features soften so that there is a completely balanced face, which is what we try to achieve. It is true that Bob cut is one of the styles that always create a trend. Each season resurfaces again because it favors the vast majority of faces. You just have to know how to hit one of them. The asymmetrical Bob, which has one side longer than another, is also a perfect choice.square face

Although male cuts are not usually very flattering to square faces, we can always come to a good understanding. If you like short hair, then what you can do is leave some volume on the top of the head and not cut it too much. Do not forget a pretty dense fringe that falls towards the temple area.

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The long hair is undoubtedly one of the styles that tend to like. That’s why it does not mean we can not take them if we have a square face. Simply that you have to be careful with the length. Try to get the chin, because we want to make it stylize a little more. You can always give a little movement in the area of the tips and play with asymmetric cuts. There are many celebrities who also opt for the line in the middle in these cases.

If you are thinking of a hairstyle that always wins and that also favors you, you can opt for horsetails. But yes, let there be a little volume on the top of the head, like a toupee. You will be perfect for both days to day and night.

What does not favor the square typeface?

You must leave aside the long and smooth hair. If you want to wear long hair, as we have indicated, give movement in the area of the tips but not just the right height of the chin. In the same way, the layers will be vital to keep getting the expected volume, in addition to the waves. We will also forget the straight cut fringes. Because they will not favor us. In this case, asymmetric cuts are always preferable. The fringes side or cocked, with tufts a little longer, will be our best allies. If you like the fringes that are worn open they are also another idea, since thanks to them we can hide the part of the forehead. These are the haircuts for a square face, which one do you prefer?

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