I do not know what to do with my hair

I do not know what to do with my hair! How many times have you uttered a phrase like this? Surely you have not counted them but the truth is that today we are going to solve all those doubts because each of the problems will also come to their own solutions.

Some solutions that you will find to make your hair look like another. Whether you have straight, damaged hair or if you want to give it a new air, you can do it very quickly and easily. That of what to do with my hair will no longer be one of the questions that you can ask yourself every day.

I do not know what to do with my hair, how to make it shine

When the hair runs out of luster, it is clear that it has no life and that it needs a big push. To return that life, we have several home remedies such as the last rinse with beer or mix water and apple vinegar in equal parts, to give the hair also a rinse with this mixture. Remember that products like honey and avocado are also basic for this purpose. With a mask of each one of them, that we will let rest some minutes and we will retire with abundant water, already we will notice the great effects. So, before despairing at all, nothing like applying these home remedies.

Keep hair greasy at bay

If you see that you have washed your hair, you will leave but the roots are greasy, then you can apply an emergency trick. Nothing like a bit of cornmeal or talcum powder. Apply a small amount and comb to remove the excess. For oily hair, wicks are recommended because they tend to lightly dry out the hair. But still, you can also prepare home remedies. With two egg whites and the juice of half a lemon, we will make a mixture to apply on wet hair and on the scalp. You will leave about 20 minutes and eliminate with water.

Care of the tips

It is true that we must cut the tips every so often. More than anything because they are drying and opening. What makes our hair look dry and mistreated? Therefore, it is true that we must pay more attention and apply some oil you have at home, whether olive or coconut or almonds. Massage this area and you will see how they will look more cared for. To disguise them, then opt for a pickup that brings the ends of the hair inwards.my hair

Rip your hair and bring it to life

For a very fine hair, nothing likes giving life with a few simple waves. It is not necessary to wear very marked hair, because the delicate wave is the one that creates the most tendencies. You can do them with the plates or tubes from half to ends. With a little movement, your hair will look different and it will be that moment when you forget that phrase that said: ‘What to do with my hair!’

A simple pick up solves many problems

When we get up with the left foot and we see that there is no way to tame the hair, there will also be a solution. But not those that take us many hours but, a very fast one. Try to make a simple and loose pickup. Yes, of those with disheveled effect and you’ll be ready in five minutes. A tall bun or a ponytail is always good solutions for this.

Forget about dry hair

Dry hair is one of the biggest problems we always have. But from now on, we must put a little more effort to finish with him. The mixture of olive oil and egg as a mask, in addition to avocado, honey, and banana or aloe vera, are some of the compositions that you can apply. You only have to do it for the scalp with a light massage. Let it act for half an hour and remove with water. In a very short time, you will see how your hair thanks you for everything you do for it.

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