Hydrogen peroxide in hair pros and cons

The hydrogen peroxide in the hair is synonymous with discoloration. Yes, because this ingredient causes the hair to clear up, without the need to use dyes. Remember that the dyes usually have oxygenated water, with the same purpose. Of course, many people find it strange to have to use it separately.

Although oxygenated water for hair is one of the basic resources to clarify it, you have to know its good and bad side. There are always two sides of the same coin and more when it comes to beauty products. If you are thinking about clarifying your hair, do not miss everything that follows.

Oxygenated water in the hair, its cons

We begin with the bad news, which is none other than the cons of putting hydrogen peroxide in the hair. This works as an activator to achieve lighter hair. It is present in the dyes, for the same purpose. It is true that it can dry, burn and weaken the hair because all this also depends on the amount of hydrogen peroxide we use. So, you have to know that it really is an aggressive step for your hair.Oxygenated water

It is best to begin by clearing some strands, as reflections. But yes, as long as the hair is completely healthy. But, as we have already mentioned, we can still weaken more and fall too much. Do not abuse the number of times. Because the more often you do it, the more chances you have to punish your hair. That’s not all, but you can get an orange color that is not the most flattering.

Advantages of hydrogen peroxide in the hair

Well, as advantages we could not call them either, but it is certain that if we have given the bad news, now the good ones have to come. It is true that it serves to highlight some strands since it will clarify them. One of those great advantages is that the procedure can be done at home and for much less than what a dye costs. So, the best is still opting for sprays that are lightening.Advantages of hydrogen

In them goes the oxygenated water as one of the main ingredients but also have others so that the hair does not suffer so much, directly. They will be perfect for medium or chestnut tones. Because brown hair may instead of being rinsed, choose to take a redder tone that does not favor either. The best thing is to choose to clarify just a few strands. It will always be better for our hair and thinking about whether the final result will please us or not.

How to use oxygenated water in the hair

Before applying it to your hair, you should take care of it. Hence, a few weeks before, it is best not to dye, always use natural products, forget about lacquers or foams and of course, use moisturizing masks. It has to be 3% oxygenated water and no more. First, you will take a lock and pass over a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide. You can repeat this step in the strands that you want to clarify. You must wait a few minutes until you get the desired color and wash with cold water. Do not let more than half an hour pass.oxygenated water in hair

The best thing is always to try on a lock. Then, you will have time to continue with the others, in case you do not like the result. In addition to adding these reflections, you can also perform a degraded coloration and for this, you will have to apply hydrogen peroxide from the tips to medium, approximately. This way you will have the top of the head of a tone and the middle area and tips clearer. But this step does it when you already know that you like the color that leaves this liquid in your hair.

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