How to wave the hair

How to wave the hair

How to wave the hair. Wavy hair is one of the most requested techniques by all. Both for those with straight hair and for those with undefined waves.

For all, in general, we show you some ideas that are perfect to discover how to wave your hair and get the desired effect we need.

Some of the techniques may sound a bit like you, but surely others will surprise you. You can choose all those that do not damage your hair and avoid heat.

In this way, we will get wavy hair but at the same time, care for it. For which of them are you going to start?

How to ripple hair with straws or straws

It may sound a bit strange, but really the little straw with which you drink your favourite cocktails can also serve to undulate your hair.

While it is a technique that requires a little patience, the result is amazing. It will leave you some pretty dense curls in just a few hours.

To do this, you will have to take fine strands and wrap them around a straw. Then you will hold the ends of the mimes with some forks.

Remember to do it with time, since you will have to wait for three or four hours before removing the straws and enjoy your hairstyle.

Waves in the hair with a stocking or sock

Although it sounds a bit strange, you can also know how to curl the hair with a sock. Of course, you can also use both a handkerchief and a stocking.

Everything will be useful to see how our hair is filled with soft waves. The first thing we have to do is comb our hair well.

Then, we will collect all the hair in a high ponytail. In this pigtail, we will add the chosen sock or handkerchief and we will wind it until we get a kind of high bow.

Ripple your hair with curlers

One of the most classic options is to make waves with the curlers. Surely if you search, you will find those that belonged to your mother or grandmother.

There was always a bag with them at home. Without a doubt, it is also the best idea to not spoil our hair too much. Yes, it takes time, especially those with long hair, but it is well worth it.

You will have to separate strands and twisting them in each loop. You will hold them very well with hairpins.

It is better than the hair is a little wet and that you let it dry completely with the curlers on. Depending on how they are, you can sleep with them.

Otherwise, it is better to start early and leave them for a few hours.

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How to curl the shorter hair

If you have medium or shorter hair and you wonder how to curl your hair, then here is the best key. On the one hand, we have braids.

If the length of your hair allows it, you can try it. For this, you will have to pick it up in a pair of braids and sleep with them.

It is best to do them when the hair is wet, although at the time of getting into bed we have it dry, we will not undo the braids until the next day.

Of course, if your hair length does not reach you, there are always other options. In this case, you can go to the rolled ones.

To do this, you will take a lock, wrap it around yourself and adjust it with hairpins. That way you’ll have the whole head with a kind of knots.

In the same way, it is also convenient that you leave it a prudent time. More than anything because this way we will be assuring ourselves that we will really get the wave we want.

If it is more curl, we will always have the option to undo it a bit with your fingers. What is your favorite technique?

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