How to wash your hair to take care of it daily

The way we wash our hair and the products we use can determine that it is in better or worse condition. It is important to know how to wash your hair because it is a gesture that we do almost daily and that can harm not only the health of our hair but also that of our scalp.

Washing your hair is a process that should also be taken care of and should not be done lightly. It is better to take care of the health of the hair with the daily gestures that apply after expensive products to restore the shine and softness. That is why the process of washing hair becomes very important. Nowadays we also have several ways to carry out this process.

No-poo method

The non-poo method became fashionable recently and many people decided to follow it. This method tells us that healthier hair is one that does not use shampoos, most of which are full of chemicals that also harm the environment. In these cases, it is a matter of using a mixture of water and baking soda to remove dirt from the hair. There are many people who said that the hair regained its shine and also grew in a healthy way thanks to this method with which they left behind silicones and parabens. However, if you have oily hair it can become a problem. Today we find many natural products to wash hair, such as solid shampoos, so you do not need to follow this method without more.

The order of the conditioner

Another theory came to us about the conditioner when washing hair. Normally the order is to use shampoo and then the conditioner, which is clarified. But there are those who reverse the order of the factors achieved another product. That is, apparently if you apply the conditioner first and then the shampoo you can achieve a soft and clean hair longer because the conditioner has done its job and with the shampoo is removed much better. Remember that the conditioner should only be applied from medium to ends to prevent the root from producing fat faster.

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How to apply the shampoo

Shampoo should be applied as a general rule only once. It is not necessary to do two washes unless the hair is very dirty for some reason. In addition, we should apply it with a light massage, never rubbing, as this can harm our scalp. You have to apply the shampoo especially in the upper area and let it slide towards the tips. It should be clarified very well or else we will find dull hair that seems to remain dirty.

Choose the right productswash

When it comes to washing the hair, the type of products chosen is also very important. The shampoo should be free of silicones and parabens, as natural as possible. As we have said, today we have shampoos made with natural ingredients that are sold in solid pills at companies such as Lush, which care a lot about hair. The more natural the better, but we must also take into account the type of hair we have to choose specific products for him.

The last rinse

In the last rinse, we can greatly improve the appearance of our hair with a natural product. It is well known that if we use for example a stream of apple vinegar in the last rinse our hair will have a beautiful natural shine. On the other hand, we can also use rosemary infusion to improve its growth.

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