wash the hair

How to wash the hair

Although it seems common enough and does not need a possible explanation, it may be the opposite. Because sometimes what we do on a regular basis does not mean that it is what is right. So, today we are going to see the steps to follow to know how to wash your hair.

Yes, you have read well and it is that we do not always do it the right way. That is why if we make a mistake in something so simple, the result is not always the expected one. So that there are no more misunderstandings, nothing like following a few simple steps and only then, you will see how things will change radically.

How to wash the hair, the first step

When we have to wash our hair, the first thing we have to do is rinse the hair thoroughly. Nothing to apply the shampoo on dry or half dry hair. So, try to get him completely wet to begin our action. Since the first thing we have to do is that the water is responsible for removing accumulated dirt. After cleaning a little hair, then we can begin to apply our product. With the hot water, the cuticles open and allow better passage of the shampoo but also of the conditioner.wash the hair

First the conditioner

We usually apply first the shampoo and then the conditioner. But no, it is best to apply the conditioner first. Since this one is going to protect you, especially if your hair is a bit dry. A perfect way to restore all the shine you need. Similarly, we will leave hair with a perfect state of hydration. Something that, as we well know, is more than necessary.

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Scalp care

To remove all the dirt from the scalp, we will always worry a little more about it. Although not very much, since only with those steps we will achieve it. We will apply the shampoo but only in this area. Now it’s his turn to lightly massage him until he gets to foam. But without going over. That is, with a small amount of shampoo is more than enough.

Perfect hair washing

Always try to make very delicate movements. You will start with the scalp and that’s where you have to stand a little more. As we have said, until it becomes foam, but also to be able to stimulate the circulation of this place. Do not make circular movements, as the hair may be entangled. In the area of the tips, avoid rubbing them because otherwise, the frizz will take over your hair. So the shampoo passes lightly in this area.

The tips and their care

Although we have already spoken before the conditioner, we have to do it again. More than anything because when applying the conditioner, it is only necessary to do it from half to ends. They are the most vulnerable areas and those that really need it. So, why apply it elsewhere? If you leave the conditioner longer, the hair will also replenish much better. Let it sit for a few minutes. After all these steps, you will see how washing the hair will become something different but not for that simple. In addition, the results will be more than visible!

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