How to treat the hair of a wig

Treating the hair of a wig is not as complicated as it seems. But in case you still have not done with it, today we will explain it step by step. Only this way you will get the hair to look as natural as possible while being careful and very clean. So that it does not lose its attraction, it is always better to maintain specific care.

If this hair gets dirty, and we do not have conservation advice, it may rot. So treating the hair of a wig is more than necessary. Only then will we achieve that it lasts much longer. Do not miss everything that follows to enjoy a more than special result.

Treat the hair of a wig

Broadly speaking, you have to know that the hair of a wig has to be taken care of like a natural hair that is punished. Before washing it, it is best to comb it to be able to untangle it. But remember that you have special combs that take care that the hair does not fall. You will slide this type of combs very carefully throughout the wig. Make sure you are well-combed before going to the wash of it. Remember also that wigs that are wet should not be combed. More than anything because this type of hair can swell and form of a wig

Washing of hair of wigs

It is best to opt for a special shampoo for this type of hair. If so, you will only need a few drops of it that you can dilute in a liter of warm water. You introduce the wig in this water for a few minutes. Let it cover the wig well, but do not need to rub it. You can only run your fingers through it in a very gentle way to remove dirt. Then, you will have to rinse the wig, again with warm water. After washing, it is also advised to use a conditioner, just as we would with our natural hair.

But before applying the conditioner, make sure it is well-drained and that it does not drip. Although it is a fundamental step for our hair, in a matter of wigs it is said that it is better not to abuse it. Hence, it is always better to opt for specific treatments for this type of hair. But, it is best to apply it only once or twice a month as much.Hair styling of wigs

Hairstyling of wigs

To dry the wigs you can do it in several ways. On the one hand, the drying in the open air and on the other, the dryer. You can also put some curls if you want a more specific hairstyle. In addition, you can also pass the irons or curlers as you would in your own hair. But you have to remember that all these systems for this can burn and weaken the hair. So it is always better not to use them continuously. If you want a little shine, there are also specific products that give it a special shine.Synthetic hair wigs

Synthetic hair wigs

We have to perform the same procedure. Since they will also wash with warm water and never hot because they weaken the hair. Only a few drops of a suitable shampoo will suffice. We put the wig in the water and we can move it lightly, but without scrubbing. In this case, it is best to dry the hair in the air. You can shape it with your fingers to avoid other more aggressive processes. So that the wig is not deformed, it is best to leave it on a support. We should avoid steam as well as intense heat and do not comb it when it is still wet. Only then will you get your wig to last longer and in perfect condition.

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