the summer hair

How to take care of your hair in summer

the summer hair

Must be different during hair in summer season and the winter. In summer, we face the sun, sweat, high temperatures, sea salt, and other factors that can spoil our hair much more. That is why, during the summer, we have to take into account other hair care.

Caring for your hair is essential to make it look beautiful and healthy. It is a very natural part of each person, and therefore we must always think about how to keep it in good condition. In this case, we refer to the extra care that must when summer arrives.

Watch out for the sunWatch out for the sun

It is proven that the sun can damage our hair and also our scalp. It is not the first time that we burn the scalp skin in the hairline and this is dangerous for the skin. That is why we must always protect ourselves. On the one hand, it is better to wear hairstyles where we do not have a line so that the scalp is not visible, which burns easily.

The ideal is to use caps, caps, or a headscarf, which are also very fashionable, to protect the scalp and preserve moisture in the hair preventing it from drying out and breaking.

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In addition to a hat, we can use sunscreen for the hair. Currently, there are several products that help us protect the hair against the effects of the sun. The sun can dry the hair and also affect its colour. So we must protect it against UV rays.

Use coconut oil

During the summer we always notice how dry the hair is. Bathing in the water with saltpetre, being in the sun and the warm atmosphere causes the hair to end up being drier every time. One of the best ways we have to dehydrate hair is to use the great coconut oil.

This oil deeply moisturizes all the hair, leaving it silky and softer. You must use it before washing, as a mask, and leave it on for half an hour. You will notice the results from the first application.

Use appropriate products

During the summer we go to the beach a lot and we usually wash our hair much more because we also sweat and this translates into the dirt on the scalp. That is why you have to use shampoos and products that are suitable. They should be soft and have a neutral ph that takes care of the hair.

The conditioner and the mask are very necessary since in the summer the hair dries more. So we should not do it without them. And of course, it is necessary to wash the hair as many times as we need it.

Beach and pool

Whether we go to the beach or go to the pool, the hair can suffer. In this case, it is better to carry a dry conditioner to apply to the hair from time to time. This conditioner will keep you more hydrated and soft, avoiding tangles and dryness when we wash it.

Cut the hair

A good idea to always have healthy hair is to cut it at the beginning and end of the summer. Thus we ensure that split ends do not appear. We don’t have to give ourselves a great cut. Cutting the tips a little so that they stay much healthier is more than enough.

In addition, the hair must be cut every two to three months to keep it in good condition, making it the perfect time. And if we also want to give a good cut at the end of the summer then much better.

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