How to take care of the hair so that it grows

Caring for hair is a task that seems simple, but it is not so easy. So we have to set some steps to get the good care that will result in more growth. As we know, hair usually grows around 1.5 centimeters each month. Although this is not always so!

Because if we do not do to take care of the hair so that it grows, the opposite can happen. It may be more weakened and therefore its growth will be slower. Today we leave you with the best steps you must take so that your hair remains as perfect as ever. Discover them!

Hydrate it so your hair grows

Hydration is always fundamental. Because if it is all ready for our body, our hair will also need it a lot. In this way, we will make its elasticity remain very present. For this reason, we always have to have at our disposal a good mask. We can apply it a couple of times a week, leaving a prudential time to make its effect. Then, we will wash as usual and we will notify our softest and brightest hair.

Caring for hair with proteins

In order for hair to grow faster and stronger, proteins must also be present. So, nothing like applying an egg mask. If you have very long hair, beat two yolks, but with only one will come easily. Mix them with a spoonful of olive oil and stir again. We apply it for 20 minutes and then, you will remove it by washing your hair.

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Cut the ends

Although we do not like the idea too much, sometimes it is necessary. Perhaps, until a little more than the tips are the precise measure that we must cut. Because in this way, we will get rid of the most burned part, dry and broken, to welcome it more strongly. In this way, the strands are regenerated as well as the natural oils of the hair itself. If you see that the tips ask you, do not think twice and heal it.

Massages on the scalp

We will lightly activate the blood at this point. Because the good circulation of it is also key when it comes to taking care of the hair so that it grows. You can take advantage when you apply the shampoo or just a day in which you are a bit released and need a bit of relaxation. You will see how we will take advantage of the massage for the hair but also for our body.

Beware of the conditioner

We need it; it’s true, but always in its correct measure. The conditioner is good for a hair that is easier to comb, but we must always apply it on both the ends and the ends. Avoid touching the roots, because it is said that it can weaken them. More than anything because it will grease and we will not get a good result if we want the hair to grow healthier.

The final rinse

It has always been said that the last rinse given to the hair should be done in cold water. It is one of the best steps we can take! It will seal the cuticles and give us shine. Another of the most ideal ways to care for hair.

Hairstyles to avoid

We may not notice it, but there are hairstyles that seriously damage our hair. The pigtails are one of the most comfortable and to carry both elegant events and our more casual look. But avoid being tight. Because this can cause breakage of strands and because of this, our hair will break and become more fragile. So, opt for disheveled hairstyles and wear your hair loose whenever you can. Besides being fashionable is one of the best ways to care for the hair to grow.

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