hair in winter

How to take care of hair in winter

Caring for your hair in winter is another task to consider. The low temperatures will make our hair suffer. So it does not hurt to know some tricks that keep it as perfect as the first day. It may seem a bit complicated, but of course, we just need to be patient.

If the cold manages to deteriorate the scalp, not all the accessories that we use in order to protect ourselves are left behind. Yes, they can harm us more than we think.

More than anything because they will increase the frizziness of it and we know what this entails. So today, we are going to try to give you the best remedies.

Caring for hair in winter, washing

The something to which perhaps, we are already accustomed. It is best not to wash it every day. Of course, if you really need it, we can not tell you otherwise.

But it is true that you will always be more protected if you take some time in between. If you have the habit of washing each and every day.

You can always try a dry shampoo. Only then can you try to space the frequency.

hair in winter

The best shampoo and conditioner

As best, we can not give a specific name. More than anything because each type of hair will suit a different one. But what we should do is always opt for a shampoo and a conditioner for dry hair.

They have properties so that our hair always looks brighter and silkier. Although we do not have it really dry, it will help us maintain its good hydration.

Oil for frizz

It is very frequent that due to the wind, the hair curls us. Something we can barely avoid, but we are going to try to take care of it so that it does not happen anymore.

The best for this case are the oils. You can apply the one you like the most. But you have no favorite, and then the olive will be perfect for you.

Just with a few drops on the tips, we will have more care and perfect hair to avoid going out and our hair is spoiled by weather conditions.

Loose hair

Loose hair

Although on the one hand, we prefer the collected hair, it is true that for your health it is better to see it lose. Also, if you wear hats or other types of accessories, it is best for a specific time.

Of course, if you have the need to pick it up, then opt for the braids, but always soft without having to tighten them too much.

The same happens with other types of hairstyles, where it is always better to be loose, loose, and leaving aside the straight hairstyles.

Fatty hair or dandruff

Hair grease, as well as dandruff, will intensify on cold days. So we are facing a couple of quite complicated problems.

For dandruff, try to choose a suitable shampoo and monitor your diet a bit and get rid of stress, as much as possible. For oily hair, opt for dry shampoo and apply a clay mask, only once a week.

Thermal protector

Thermal protector

Caring for the hair in winter is also a little linked to our health. Because we can not always let the hair dry in the air when it’s so cold. We will not be resentful!

So, since I know we’re going to use the dryers, there’s nothing like applying a good thermal protector. Only then, we can protect the hair as you need it.

Remember to apply it before and if you use plates wait a bit to dry. Of course, despite using the dryers do not set the temperature too high.

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