How to straighten the hair with iron

When we think of straightening our hair with an iron, we always think it’s something very simple. It is not that it is not complicated either but it does require following a series of steps. More than anything because only in this way we make sure that we are doing the right thing and that our hair will be well taken care of.

Everyone knows the problem when we abuse a little of the heat in the hair. This can dry and get to burn. So, if you are one of those who uses the iron frequently, it is always necessary to consider some steps. Starting from them, you can now make all the hairstyles that you like the most. Do we begin?

Preparing the hair

In the first place and before going to straighten the hair with an iron, we will have to prepare it. The best part is that the hair always has to be totally dry. Forget the wet hair because the result would not be the same and also, it could spoil a lot. So, the first step to take is to make sure that our hair is dry. We comb it well to untangle it and undo the possible knots that are formed. Once this is done, we will have to apply a protector for the hair. It is a kind of spray that we can buy at a very good price and that will moisturize and soften. After that, if you see that your hair has become damp; dry it with the dryer for a few minutes.

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The temperature of the iron

The hair is ready, so now we are going to plug in and heat our iron. After three minutes you will be ready to start. Of course, always choose the right temperature for your hair type. When you have very fine and delicate hair, a very low temperature is better. If the thickness of the hair is medium you can use a temperature of 150º, while if it is very thick, then it will rise to about 200º. Always start with a low temperature and you can go up slightly.

Dividing the hair into sectionshair into sections

If you have thick hair, then you will have to make more divisions or sections than people who have fine hair. First of all, you can lift the entire upper part and start with the lower one. Until it is completely smooth, you should not loosen strands of the collected part. It is best to work with fine strands, about 4 or 5 centimeters. Although if you have a lot of practice, you can take some more. You hold the strand with the iron and you go down gently through it. Do not squeeze the iron too much and if you see that any loose hair is left, open it and pass it again.

Smoothing hair

Straightening hair is simpler than we think. For this, we just have to go through the strands, as we just mentioned. Of course, if you have pretty curly hair, smooth the part of the root a bit, before continuing through the entire lock. The ideal would be to pass the iron only once. But it is true that sometimes it is not enough, so, you can a second. Of course, do not pass it often and for the same lock, because otherwise, you can burn it. Now you just have to repeat these steps throughout the hair.

Once you have finished, you can spray a little lacquer and comb your hair. Simply with this step will remain those small hairs that sometimes become a little rebellious. If you like to straighten your hair, we understand it but it is better than you do not do it very often. You know, the iron can seriously damage it even though we throw the protector against the heat. Remember that for a more favorable result, it is best to take our time. You’ll see how smoothing hair with iron is simpler than we think!

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