How to repair and care for hair burned by permanent

We all know that certain products damage, and much, our hair. Even so, we opted for great changes and between them, both smoothed and permanent are great players in our lives. Therefore, today we will thoroughly discuss how to repair and care for permanently burned hair.

Because in this case, prevention is always one of the great steps to take. Since a hair that is burned needs only care and a lot of patience. So, today we do not give up, just the opposite. If your hair is being punished by the permanent or it is going to be, it is time that you discover everything that follows.

How to repair hair burned by permanent

Nutrition is a great foundation to repair hair. So we must focus on shampoos and hydrating masks. We will have to use special products for dry hair and apply it from the roots to the tips. Also, we can not forget that products that have keratin are another of the great steps to take when we talk about taking care of hair. Once a week, you can apply some type of oil.

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Without a doubt, we have commented on many occasions, but the oils are always there to help us. Of course, you should not use them too often do not increase the fat effect. We only want to provide hydration, but in its proper measure. Every day, you can give your hair a special touch with the serums. With just a couple of drops, it will be more than enough.

Remedies and solutions to care for burned hairburned hair

  • Moisturizing mask: As we are seeing, hydration is the basis of all recovery. So, when we do not have any specific products at hand, we will use natural remedies. In this case, we will have to make a puree with a ripe banana, a spoonful of lemon juice and another of olive oil. We will mix everything well and apply it throughout the hair. We will let stand half an hour and then, we wash as usual.
  • Avocado and yogurt: Two of the great remedies are both natural yogurt and avocado. They leave us the necessary proteins and hydration to maintain healthier hair. We mix both ingredients and also apply them all over the hair. We must also let it rest for half an hour and then, we just have to wash it as usual.Egg and oil
  • Egg and oil: The proteins of the egg yolk are also key. So in this case, we mix two yolks with a spoonful of olive oil. In this case, it is better to apply it on wet hair and from the middle to the tips. Again, leave it for half an hour to make its great effect.
  • Hot oils: If already, oils are a perfect base for hair, when we heat, we are enhancing their benefits. So, we just need to get warm, we’re not going to burn ourselves. The oil of almonds or rosehip is two of the most used to help us repair hair. In this case, its effect will also be seen in the area of the tips or means.good haircut

In addition to all these remedies, it is not superfluous that we opt for a good haircut. If you are the one who prefers to see the scissors from afar, you can always start by cleaning the ends. No radical change is necessary. Only, every so often, choose to cut your ends. Only this way, you will be taking the right step to be able to take care of the hair burned by permanent. Remember that when we have very damaged hair it is better not to opt for these changes that will burn it even more. Try to make your hair completely healthy before exposing it to chemical agents.

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