How to remove hair dandruff

It’s quite uncomfortable, look where you look. Removing dandruff from hair is not always a simple task and seeing it fall on the shoulders and on the clothes, less. So, it’s time to pay enough attention and eliminate it once and for all. Do you want to know how to get it?

Well, it’s quite simple, because we have several remedies to propose to you. Surely among all of them, you will find the one that best suits you. It is true that if your problem persists, it is best to consult a dermatologist to study your case more thoroughly.

Remove hair dandruff with lemon

It is one of the most used remedies. Because natural ingredients are always perfect to solve problems like this. It is true that this remedy is best done at night. Because having applied lemon, can always get to clear our hair. We must squeeze the juice of a lemon and pour it through the scalp, at the time we are doing a light massage. Wait about 15 minutes and finally, wash your hair as usual.

Olive oil

In order to soften and soften dandruff, we have another perfect remedy. Olive oil is always ideal for health and also for beauty. In this case, it will hydrate the scalp, which will reduce the production of dandruff. How to apply it? It is also very simple. We will throw it on the scalp and let it rest for 12 minutes. After this time, you can wash your hair. Although you can also do it before going to sleep and wrap your head with a towel. The next morning you will wash as usual. If you have very fatty hair, do not opt for this remedy.

Egg mask

We could not miss the protein that leaves us the egg. In this way, we will be providing the necessary proteins to our hair and skin. In this case, we will beat two egg yolks and apply them to the scalp. We will do it with dry hair and doing a massage. Cover with a shower cap and wait about 50 minutes before washing your hair.

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Sodium bicarbonate

Another of the great remedies is sodium bicarbonate. Undoubtedly, it happens to olive oil, since it has many uses and all of them with good results. In this case, we will take a spoonful of the bicarbonate and mix it with a few drops of water. Better if the hair is also wet. We will always apply it to the scalp. We’ll leave it a few minutes and clear up. If you are a little constant in a couple of weeks you will notice the great results. Since the bicarbonate will cause the natural oils to be produced more quickly.


The mouthwash is not only our mouth is free of bacteria. It can also be very effective when it comes to removing hair dandruff. You have to mix one part of rinse with nine of water. Then, we will apply it on the hair that will already be clean. After having flushed the rinse, we should not wash our hair again.

Apple Vinegar

In this case, we will have to mix both a part of apple vinegar and another part of water. First, you will wash the hair as usual and after that, you will apply the vinegar that you should massage lightly. You should let it act for 10 minutes. Then, you will have to eliminate it with water. Do not worry about the smell of vinegar, because it will really disappear and more when your hair has dried or combed.

Natural yogurt

Nor could natural yogurt be missing. First, we must wash the hair and when it is wet, we apply the yogurt but the area of the scalp. We’ll leave it for 15 minutes so he can act. After that time, we washed the hair but try not to use too much shampoo.

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