How to remove chewing gum from hair

If the intention is to stick gum in the hair to every woman who approaches her platonic love, we are going to remove them. Because it may be that one day we see each other, for whatever reason, and we do not know what to do. So, it is not enough to point out how to remove chewing gum from hair, so it can happen!

It is not always a simple task, but with some homemade tricks, we will achieve it. Because it is no longer necessary to have to resort to scissors to cut that strand with chewing gum. The first thing we must do is, by all means, save our hair with remedies that we all have within our reach. Do you want to know them?

Remove the chewing gum from the hair with olive oil

Olive oil is very necessary for our kitchen and also in our beauty. So much so, that there are many tricks we can do thanks to him. In this case, it is not about giving the hair hydration but of being able to remove the gum that is stuck. We take the tuft of hair between our hands, we will soak it with oil so that the chewing gum is softened and we comb. In this way, the chewing gum would have to be removed without a problem. If it costs, let the oil act a bit and comb again.Liquid soap

Liquid soap

If for any reason you do not have olive oil, then you can use a little liquid soap. Yes, of those we have in the bathroom and with which we wash our hands. Well, in this case, the procedure is the same as the previous one. Of course, we will have to rub a little more. So, arm yourself with patience, because this remedy is quite effective but it is true that it takes a little more time than others.

Ice cubes

Ice is also a great remedy for removing chewing gum from hair. In this case, it is about placing a couple of ice cubes on both sides of the chewing gum. You can also rub it with them. In the same way, the cold will be the one that causes the rubber to harden and as a result, it will lose the adhesion that it has in the hair. You will see how quickly it is taking off without a major problem.Ice cubes


If we have talked about oil, as well as soap we also have to mention the moisturizer. It is a way to give the hair the elasticity it needs. To get rid of chewing gum after applying this cream, you will not have to wait long. It will quickly take off easily. It is best to comb the affected hair and get rid of the rest of the rubber.

Peanut butter

There are many peanut butter fans. Well, this time we will not eat it but it will help us with our problem. A problem that, surely, the first minutes will put you in a very bad mood. But as we are seeing, it seems that there are many remedies and ways to remove chewing gum from hair. In this case, we are going to add a little peanut butter on the chewing gum. We will rub with a toothbrush, always dragging it down. Afterward, wash well to clean all the residues left in the hair.Peanut butter

The alcohol

We put alcohol last for a clear reason. Although it is another of the basic remedies, it is the one that can most damage the hair. So, the best thing to do is to try all of the above and leave it to the end. You must apply it directly on the chewing gum and leave it about 30 seconds of rest. After that, you will try to remove the rubber. If you see that it still does not come out, then apply another bit and leave a few more seconds, without reaching the minute. Then, you will have to wash the affected hair with water.

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