How to recover dry and damaged hair

Our hair is one of the parts that we take care of the most because it reflects our personality a lot. Whatever type it is, there is almost always the problem that it can be damaged, with split ends and areas where it feels dry and rough. Hair care is aimed at enjoying healthy and strong hair, avoiding dry and damaged hair.

To recover the dry and damaged hair we will give you some tips that you can put into practice. The hair is an area that must be taken care of a lot because if it breaks down you have to finish cutting to avoid it looking bad. There are many ways we have to take care of the hair and to have it stronger and hydrated.

Why do you have dry and damaged hair?damaged hair

One of the first things we should consider is the reasons why we have dry and damaged hair. The most common are some, such as the indiscriminate use of heat appliances. If we use these devices on a daily basis and with high temperatures, the hair fiber is damaged and burned. It is one of the most common causes to have damaged hair. The irons, curling irons or the dryer dehydrate the hair and dry it.damaged hair

Another cause may be the use of dyes and bleaching agents. Nowadays almost everyone uses dyes and bleaches to change the hair color and especially to cover the gray hair. Because of this, we find dryer hair.

Other reasons may be due to improper use of shampoos and other products. The use of many strands hairstyles and gums that spoil the hair. Also, the fact to wash excess hair or to get too much in the sun can harm it.

Daily hair carehair care

Once we know the reasons why we have drier hair, we must take measures. There are heat protectors that take care of the fiber of the hair to avoid that this heat spoils it. They should always be used, especially if we are going to use the plates.

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If we are going to use dyes and bleaches, it is essential to buy shampoos and specific products to take care of the color and thus avoid having to use them so often. In addition, hydration in these cases is essential, since especially in the discoloration the hair suffers and dries out.

We must buy products that are suitable for our hair. From shampoos to brushes. You have to buy rubber bands that do not break your hair too much and carry it loose often, as it suffers less. Strapless hairstyles should be avoided.

Hydration of the hairHydration

There are many ways to hydrate hair that is dry or damaged. One of the fundamental ingredients to achieve this end is coconut oil, which has been highly recommended for all types of hair, even for greasy ones. It does not increase the feeling of fat and leaves the hair soft and shiny. It can be used as a mask before washing or as a conditioner, using only a few drops for the tips.

Another one of the oils that are good for moisturizing hair is jojoba. This oil has the advantage that it always remains liquid, not like the coconut that at low temperatures solidifies. This oil is perfect if you have oily hair as it helps regulate fat production.

Another of the things that should be used daily for the hydration of the hair are the masks and the conditioner. Although natural products are perfect for leaving our hair soft, we also have these types of products that are purchased for daily use. It is better to always buy those that do not have silicones.

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