How to prepare a homemade mask for dry hair

Preparing a homemade mask for dry hair is simpler than we imagined. We know that what is not so easy to treat is the hair when it is without hydration. Hence, we always insist that we must apply certain products that provide nutrition and, of course, leave it more silky and perfect.

Well, you can see all this in a short time thanks to some advice and home remedies. Because preparing a homemade mask for dry hair will be the one that gives us the best solution. We do not want to spend a lot on products. Hence, the remedies and ingredients that we have at home will also be sufficient. Do not you believe it? well, try the ones that we leave here.

How to prepare a homemade mask for dry hair

The first thing is to think about what kind of ingredients we need to make our mask. All those who moisturize and nourish are perfect for her. Hence, both olive oil and avocado, or assorted fruits or eggs, are usually the most successful products. We need to restore our hair health and with it, the shine and silky appearance. Then, you only have to mix the ingredients well.

Although it seems like a simple step, it is best to make sure that the mixture is homogeneous. After applying it all over the hair, we should always let it rest for a few minutes. The masks usually go between 20 or 30 minutes, approximately. Over time, you need to wash your hair as usual to eliminate any residue. You can repeat the same steps a couple of times a week until you get the final result. Do we get down to work?olive oil and egg

Mask of olive oil and egg

One of the best possible combinations: Hydration and proteins. You will need an egg and a tablespoon and a half of olive oil. You will mix everything very well. You can add an extra spoonful of mayonnaise for more hydration in the final result. You will let act half an hour and then, remove it with abundant warm water.

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Mask with avocado

In this case, we go for the avocado so that it leaves us the maximum hydration in our hair. We need the pulp of one that we will mix with the yolk of an egg and a spoonful of olive oil. Again, you can apply it to all the hair and let it act for 30 minutes. Then, wash the hair, as usual, to be able to remove the mask completely.avocado

Honey and banana for your hair

If it is good for health, it will be good for beauty too. Hence, the banana is another of the great ingredients to consider. In this case, we’re going to need a piece and three tablespoons of honey. We will make a kind of pasta with them. You will see how after applying it on the hair they will repair it from all damage. If you get too thick, you can always incorporate a little milk or a spoonful of olive oil.

Egg whites and yogurt

A mixture with a silky consistency to achieve a similar result in our hair. For this, you are going to need an egg white that you will have to mount to snow. Then, you will add 3 heaping tablespoons of plain yogurt. You will apply it all over the hair to leave it on for about 20 minutes. When you remove it you will see, and enjoy, the softness in your hair.oils

The oils in your hair

We know that one of the best ways to repair hair damage is in oils. While it is true that it is not a mask itself, it also had to be among our collection. The oil that you have chosen, you should warm it a little. Not too much to not burn! Both olive oil and almond oil are basic in beauty. In both cases, it is better to apply it in the area of the tips or means.

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