How to make your hair grow fast

The hair growth depends largely on genetics, so we see people who grow their hair quickly and others need months to see a little longer. However, there are some guidelines to make your hair grow fast, within the possibilities of each person.

Actually, hair growth has a lot to do with their care. The hair has several phases of growth, in the first, it grows without for about two or three years, then it stops growing for a few months and finally, it falls. If the process follows its normal course, we can have a mane of a certain length, although this, in general, is quite conditioned by our genetics.

What is the trick for rapid growth?

There are no products that make hair grow much faster, but rather it is to take care of it during its natural growth so that the hair does not break in the process and thus be able to have a long and healthy mane at the time of growth of the hair. That is to say, if your growth is smaller, you probably will not be able to aspire to a kilometric mane, but to a long and careful mane.

Take care of the diet

One of the key points for our hair is strong enough throughout its growth to not fall before is the diet. There are other factors that can lead to a precipitous hair loss, such as stress or hormonal changes that will also have to be taken into account. Regarding diet, it should contain proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants to enjoy healthy hair, in addition to being balanced. It is common to see how the hair weakens when we perform a very restrictive diet, so you always have to put yourself in the hands of a specialist.

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Hydration inside

Hydrating inside is also a key factor, as it helps to have a healthy mane and eliminate toxins. The scalp will be thus in better condition, which will help the hair does not fall and continue to grow. At least we have to drink two liters of water a day, with infusions or natural juices if we are not able to drink only water.

Massage the scalpgrowth

Tissue oxygenation and circulation are very important for optimal hair growth. That’s why physical exercise can help but also relaxing massages on the scalp. These massages help the blood flow to the follicles, nourishing them and making them stronger and the hair grows healthy.

Avoid dyes and discoloration

When we discolor the hair, the cuticle breaks to remove its pigmentation, which is a very harmful process for the hair. The discoloration causes the hair to break and we do not see how everything grows that should grow, so our hair always seems short. In addition, the dyes are not good either, since they are harmful to the scalp and spoil drying the hair. In short, it is better to change to the natural and use dyes such as henna or indigo, derived from herbs that not only do not spoil the hair but protect it from the sun and external factors.

Natural remedies to grow hair

There are some natural remedies that seem to help hair growth on a daily basis. We do not know if they are effective but there are certainly many people who share them, so it is worth to try. On the one hand, you can boil some clean and chopped onions in a saucepan, to use this water in the last rinse. The same can be done with a little water mixed with apple cider vinegar. These two ingredients seem to favor hair growth.

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