How to make wicks Baby lights at home

The Baby lights wicks have been a revolution. The truth is that part of its charm lies in this natural touch that leaves us in the hair. Because it is about simple reflections, somewhat brighter and has a more jovial finish than we could think.

For all this and much more, it is one of the resources we have in our hands. If you do not want to go to a beauty center, you can make your Baby lights wicks at home comfortably. In what way? Well, here we tell you the simplest steps to take until you get them. Are you ready?

Steps to make wicks Baby lights at home

As we want the finish to be very natural, we can choose a dye that is only a couple of lighter shades to our hair base. Because if there is too much contrast between our color and the chosen dye, the result will be much more noticeable and we could no longer speak of the Baby lights wicks.

  • First, we will take a brush and weave a fine lock. You will place it horizontally and you will from outside to inside, those hairs that are more rebellious or protrude, will be the ones that we have to dye.
  • If the strands you choose are very close to each other, you can separate them with aluminum foil. You just have to take the strand, apply the color and wrap it.
  • Once you have applied the dye, you will wait for about 15 minutes. But yes, it does not hurt that you are looking at it, to verify that it is the color you want to achieve. Do not leave it for more than 20 minutes.
  • After a while, we remove the papers and wash the hair well.Baby lights

Tips for making Baby lights wicks

As you can see, the steps do not have many complications. It’s just about giving the hair a few reflections. By wanting naturalness, we will only choose a few strands scattered throughout the hair.

If you have brown hair or a blonde base, the result will be much more visible and perfect. If you have very dark hair, it is best to apply this technique little by little until you get the expected result. Of course, you must wait a few weeks to add the reflections again.

When talking about retouching, the ideal is to do them every two months or three.

  • The strands closer to the face as well as the ends can only have a lighter shade than ours. Because the tips tend to clarify more than they should and if we use very light tones, the color will decompensate from the rest of the hair.Baby lights
  • You can use a mascara brush that you no longer use. Because with it, we will take less amount of hair and is perfect to add certain strokes of color in the form of subtle wicks.
  • Baby lights wicks at home are different from Californian ones in that they are much more subtle. What gives us a result of a more natural appearance?
  • It starts at the root part and then, it goes down one or two tones, according to our base or natural color.

Remember that when applying wicks or dyes we must pay special attention to hydration. For this, we must use special shampoos and conditioners for dyed hair, but also masks. In this way, our hair will be much healthier and will look with those brushstrokes of brightness and even volume that is always necessary. In addition, dryers or plates are also not recommended or, at least, to maximize their use.

For whom are Baby lights wicks?

For all those who want to see how their hair changes for another with more light. The naturalness of it will surprise you, but not only that but also thanks to this technique, the hair will be seen with more volume. So if yours is the naturalness, simplicity and voluminous touch, this type of wicks are for you.

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