How to make your hairstyle in the last longer

hairstyle last longerWhenever we get a nice hairstyle, we want and need it to last. But it is not always what we want. So, it would not be the first time that soon, our hairstyle is not even what it was. So today, we are going to give you some tips to make the hairstyle last longer.

There are many reasons why a hairstyle can be undone. Both rain and humidity or simply the passing of the hours are good reasons. We must also take into account the type of hair we have, as it is a step to take into account to make the hairstyle last longer. Don’t miss all these ideas!

Make the hairstyle last longer with the dryer

It is true that we always recommend avoiding the dryer, as far as possible. More than anything because we know it will dry and damage our hair a lot. But in this case, we need to fix the hairstyle and nobody like him to get it. That is why we need hot air to seal our hairstyle. But remember, just before finishing it, it is best to apply some cold air. The contrast will help us make the hairstyle last longer.

A little oil

It is not the first time that after having done a hairstyle, we see how certain hairs are loose and rebel. Without a doubt, it seems that static electricity is making its act of presence. It is her, another reason to ruin our work. So we will not allow it! So, you can apply a little olive oil, just seal the hair.

Lacquer on the forks

Undoubtedly, the forks are basic pieces to be able to complete each of the collectives. They don’t always usually stay where they should be. To last a little longer in place, nothing like spraying lacquer on them, before placing them. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the hair has some hairspray. In this way, surely your hairstyle lasts longer than you think.

Freshly washed hair?

When we have an event, we are clear that we need to wash the hair that same day, to be more than perfect. But sometimes, it may not be a good choice. It is best to wash it the day before. Especially when we have straight hair and we are thinking about waves. These types of hairstyles will grip much better since we will be taking advantage of the fact that the hair has.

Don’t touch your hairstyle

Although it seems the opposite, it is not so simple to keep your hands away from him. It’s something instinctive and we always end up touching the hair more than the bill. Because being with our hands, we will get our hair to disintegrate sooner than we think. So, still hands!

Do not touch up at home

If you have done your hairstyle at a hairdresser, then you should not put the icing on arrival at your home. Experts know well how to make this hairstyle stay longer. But perhaps, we make the mistake of arriving home and continuing to apply the odd product.

More than anything because instead of improving it, maybe we can make it worse. By putting more amount of a fixative, for example, we will lead our hair to get dirty more or perhaps, to grease it more than the bill. So in both cases, we will not be able to enjoy a more lasting hairstyle. It is best to enjoy the hairstyle that we have done in our beauty center because for that, they are the professionals. Now you just have to follow these tips and see how you will look a hairstyle for longer!

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