How to make natural waves in the hair

The waves have been in the hair for years. They give volume, movement, and favor all kinds of faces, so it is one of the best options when combing. That is why today many so many ways of making natural waves in the hair have been thought of.

Although we all know the traditional ways of making waves in the hair, the truth is that there are many other ways that can be easier and also healthier for the hair. Some of them do not involve using heat on the hair, and that is why they will keep it much healthier but with nice waves as well.

Make waves with the plates and the curlercurler

One of the most common ways to make waves in the hair is with the plates or with the curling iron. These electrical appliances give heat and spoil something more hair than the most natural methods, but without a doubt, it is the fastest way to get the waves. There are curlers of various sizes, to make waves more or less broad, and with the plates you can get a similar effect, rolling the hair in them and sliding slowly down, being careful not to damage the hair. For both processes, it is advisable to use a heat protector, which makes the hair does not spoil so much.

Make waves with curlers

The curlers are accessories that are moldable and can be used to shape the hair. These curlers are wrapped in strands when the hair is a little wet, not wet, and left until they dry. To speed up the process you can always give it a little warm air with the dryer. When removing the curlers you will see how you have made waves. Try first with one to see how you have to screw your hair to make it look good.

Make waves with the bun donutbun donut

This is another amazing way to get with little work and great waves in the hair. In this case, it is necessary to have long hair, since with the short we do not have much length to screw on the hairpiece. You should buy one of those donuts that are used to easily make the bows and give them shape. Surely if you have ever worn one you will have noticed that when you remove it your hair is left wavy. Well, you should do it, as usual, taking care that the tips are not badly placed so that they do not take an undesired shape. When you undo it, you will see the waves made, and if you see that one is left with a bad shape, you can always give the final touch with the plates.

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Make waves with braids

One way to get wavy hair with small waves is to make braids to achieve this effect. If you make some braids in your hair with this something wet and let it dry out of shape, you will see how your hair is left with a fun wave that seems very natural. You just have to give it some shape with your fingers at the end to get a very natural style. This is ideal for short or long hair. It is best to make wide braids that are not too tight, for a simpler and more natural wave.

Make waves with hairpinshairpins

Another way to make these waves, but perhaps less used because it gives a little work is to make small threads with strands of hair and hold them with hairpins. It is a process that takes a little more time, since you have to go picking up strands, rolling and placing with hairpins.

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