How to make my hair curl

If you want to discover how to make my hair curl, today we give you the perfect keys. Because all women who have straight hair, want to look with beautiful curls. Although it is from time to time, it is true that we like changes. Because with some simple steps, such as letting our hair curl, we will be changing our look a lot.

So, to discover how to make my hair curl, you just have to follow some very easy tricks. Because it will always be in our hands to be able to change, as we want. But in this specific case, we are going to need a little volume as well as those ripples that we are looking for and we do not always find. Do we get down to work?

How to make my hair curl with its products

We always advise looking for the best products for your hair type. Only then, we can get the most out of it. But in this case, let’s bet on shampoo for wavy hair. After having washed it with him, nothing like a mask or a conditioner of the same type. Although it will not be miraculous, it is true that these products are the basis for adapting our hair. Thanks to them, we will see how the ripples and curls are kept in the hair longer than we think. Because as we know, you always have to start with the simplest steps to open the way.products

Plates and diffusers

In both cases, they are those devices that emit a lot of heat. The heat is harmful to the hair, but we can always treat ourselves if it is not something that we do very often. That is why you have two ways to make beautiful curls or waves in your hair.

The plates: To use the plates, remember to apply a protective spray throughout the hair. Let it dry a little and you can start with your hairstyle. The hair should always be dry. The plates allow us to give a little volume to the hair and also to fix different styles of curls. From the softest or also called surfer waves, to the most intense curls.

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The diffusers: The diffusers make the air is distributed a little more throughout the hair. But it is true that we will continue to expose the hair to high temperatures. The best thing, in this case, is to take strands with one hand and apply the diffuser. First to the root and then to the rest of the lock. Do not have many seconds in a row at the same point. Thus, you will avoid burning the root zone or the rest of the hair.eternal curls for hair

The eternal curls for hair

Of course, if you do not want any heat in your hair, then the most traditional methods will be your saviors. In this case, we talk about the curlers. Surely your mother or even your grandmother can explain perfectly its great effect on your hair. It’s about making deals in your hair and goes holding them with the curlers. It is best to do it after applying a little foam, evenly, and let a few hours go by. If you can sleep with the curlers on, much better. So, the next morning you will see that your hair is covered by beautiful curls.braids

The braids

In this case, another of the best solutions are braids. If you do not want to opt for heat but you also have curlers at your disposal, then they will take you out of your problem. For this, you can divide the hair into two parts. In each of them, you will make a three-strand braid. You will sleep with them and in the morning, when you undo them, you will see how the waves have flooded your hair.

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