How to make an anti-dandruff mask at home

Dandruff is a problem that many people suffer and tends to persist. Although we have periods in which our scalp is fine, if we are prone to it we will have dandruff sooner or later. Dandruff is a very common problem but it is not pleasant for anyone, because it also tends to be itchy and is seen to a greater or lesser extent.

To combat this problem we will see how to make an anti-dandruff mask at home. These masks are used to eliminate this problem and thus give a break to the scalp, which will calm down and stop stinging. It is a big problem that needs constant care, so you must find your perfect mask to use when dandruff appears again.

Why dandruff appears

The fungus Malassezia furfur develops very fast in some cases, causing scales to appear on the skin. This is the main fungus that causes dandruff, although it is also possible that it appears by other fungi or bacteria. Anyway, it’s not about the scalp being dry, as it also appears in people with a tendency to oily scalp. That’s why hydration does not cure or end with the problem of dandruff because what you have to do is fight the fungus that plays so fast.

Homemade mask of coconut oilcoconut oil

Coconut oil has the property that it has lauric acid, which does not clog the pores and allows the skin to breathe. This means that although we have a fatty scalp, it is oil that we can use since it will not produce more fat. In addition, it is antifungal oil, which makes it the ideal candidate to combat dandruff, as it destroys the fungus that produces it while moisturizing our scalp. It is oil that can be used easily, but at low temperatures, it solidifies, so we will have to heat it beforehand to apply it on the hair.

Homemade mask with honeyHomemade mask

Honey is also another ingredient that has the property of moisturizing the skin and at the same time helping to kill fungi because it has fungicidal properties and also relieves itching and moisturizes. If we want this mask to have some astringent power because we have greasy dandruff, then we can use a homemade honey mask to which we add a little lemon juice.

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Antidandruff mask of aloe veraaloe vera

Aloe vera is soothing and has antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal power. It is ideal for those dry scalps that are also irritated because it will help to end redness and itching. We can simply buy a shampoo that has natural aloe vera or use the plant directly.

Amla antidandruff maskAmla antidandruff mask

The amla is a fruit that is not well known but that has great properties. This fruit is sold as powders, so with it, we can make masks for hair and also for the face. In the hair, this mask has great properties. Helps eliminate dandruff and soothe the irritated scalp, so that over time you will notice the disappearance of the itch.

This mask also helps to stop hair loss, when it is not a genetic problem, to promote hair growth and prevent the appearance of gray hair. Overall it is one of the best masks we can use to improve the hair and scalp. To use it we will have to mix these powders in a container and with utensils that are not made of metal with essential oils or with bottled water. We will get a kind of clay that is what you have to apply to your hair and leave it on for half an hour.

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