How to make a scissor braid: an original variant of the cascading braid

The braids have always been a must-have of hairstyles and, starting from the basic ones, you can create multiple variations. What we propose today is a variation of the cascading braid. It is very creative and particular because the locks are intertwined like the blades of a scissor, hence the name, and create a wave effect that certainly will not go unnoticed.

How to make the scissor braid

From the side of the head, we take a section of hair and divide it into 4 strands. We bring the outer ones to the center. Making them pass over the two inside and join them in a single lock. We also combine internal ones that have taken the place of the exterior, thus obtaining 2 locks, one upper and one lower.

Now we take a section of hair from the top of the head and pass it between the 2 strands and keep it aside. Taking the lower lock and divide it into two, we pass the upper one between them and gather it above.

Repeating these steps up to the other side of the head. We block the braid with an elastic silicone and, at our discretion, we can add accessories that enrich the braid.

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