How to make a homemade hair tonic

We love all those recipes that we can do at home comfortably. But no, we do not talk about food but in this case, it is the turn of the hair and that is why we are going to prepare a hair tonic. Without a doubt, it is one of the most necessary products for our hair to enjoy full health.

Although you can also buy it, there’s nothing like making your own homemade tonic. A more natural way to be able to soak up each and every one of its ingredients. Because they can be several but all of them have the same goal and that will be our objective. You are ready?

What is the hair tonic?

It is a kind of lotion, which can be prepared comfortably at home or, buy it already made. It is applied, as a rule, on the scalp in order to prevent all those problems that come from this area. Some of the most important is the loss of hair or give more life to hair that breaks easily, provide more brightness, nutrition and of course, more life in general. Without a doubt, it is a very complete and specific care that we must take into account.

The benefits of hair tonic

It must be said that one of the great benefits of the hair tonic is that it improves circulation, which provides more oxygen and prevents hair loss. In addition, it will leave a hair stronger, and dense, as well as with a quite important volume. Needless to say, the shine along with the hydration will be present. Because one depends on the other and when the hair is perfectly hydrated this will be noticeable in the shine that it gives off. The tonic is also good for gray hair and for dandruff.

Hair toner recipes

Rose water and bicarbonate: To maintain your PH and the best hydration in your hair, there is this tonic. To make it you need 100 grams of rose water and a teaspoon of baking soda. We mix it well, we put it in a container with spray and we apply it on the hair. We message, let it rest and then wash the hair as usual.

Rosemary leaves: To stimulate hair growth, we have rosemary. You can find many ways to apply it, but without a doubt, making tea with the leaves will be the best solution. The application form is the same as the previous case. Of course, to give this growth a little more momentum, you can also do a light massage with a few drops of rosemary oil. The massage will be through the scalp and with wet or dry hair.

Ginger for healthy hair: If you want healthy hair day after day, then there is also a great solution. It is a ginger hair tonic. Thanks to the vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that this ingredient contains, we will have an exemplary result. To do this, you must mix a spoonful of ginger juice, another of olive oil and another spoonful of lemon juice. Mix everything and you’ll have your tonic ready. Apply it with damp hair; leave it for half an hour and rinse.

Vinegar for dandruff: If you have dandruff, then there is also a tonic waiting for you. In this case, we have selected a mixture of 5 tablespoons of lemon juice with the same amount of apple cider vinegar. Make a massage, leave about 12 minutes and remove with plenty of water.

Remember that before trying any hair tonic, you should apply it in a small area. More than anything because they are very varied and sometimes we can find some ingredients that can cause allergies. There are skins that are more delicate and must be taken into account. If you can use them, it will be a great idea because as we have said, we will be giving you all the vitamins, hydration and minerals that our hair requires. Therefore, once a week, remember the tonic.

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