How to make a homemade cream for dandruff

Dandruff can appear for various reasons, but what we do know is that it is a fungus. So, the different states of our body can also lead to the incentive. Hence, in seasons of stress, emotional changes or perspiration dandruff will be more intense. So today we are going to say goodbye with a homemade cream for dandruff.

Well, you know well that we will always leave you some more so you can put it into practice. Natural and homemade remedies that are the most economical and that always help us in our purposes. The ingredients that we have in the kitchen are the ones that will help us the most. But, do not miss everything that follows and find out.

Homemade cream for dandruff with egg and avocado

Two of the great ingredients for healthy hair are egg and avocado. So, for dandruff, they were not going to be less. To get a homemade cream for dandruff, we must mix three egg yolks with the pulp of an avocado. We beat everything well until we have a consistent paste. At that time, we will apply it to dry hair and let it act for 20 minutes. Finally, you remove it with plenty of water. You can repeat the same step once a week to check the effects of the problem.avocado

Mask with almond oil and cognac

You can sound a somewhat different mix, but it is certainly the most effective. So, since we like to see the results, we can not leave it behind either. Thanks to her, we will enjoy hair without dandruff. It’s very easy to do. To do this, you need to mix an egg yolk with a tablespoon of almond oil and another of cognac. In this case, you will spread the mixture for your hair that will have to be wet. Make a light massage to integrate everything well and let it rest for 20 minutes. Remove with water, as usual.almond oil

Coconut oil and lemon

To improve the appearance of the scalp as well as to say goodbye to the itch that produces dandruff, nothing like a remedy like that. In this case, we are going to need two tablespoons of coconut oil that we will mix with the juice of a small lemon. We apply it as a massage for the area of the scalp and also let stand about 20 minutes and then remove with plenty of water. You can repeat this process twice a week. You will see how you feel a great relief!Coconut oil

White vinegar

Otto of the also basic ingredients is white vinegar. Thanks to him, we will make a homemade cream for dandruff. In which, thanks to its action, will prevent fungi from taking over this area of our body. So, to eliminate us once and for all, we need one part of white vinegar for three of water. In this case, we will have to wash the hair with it. Then, to eliminate the smell, we will do a wash as usual and with plenty of water.Olive oil

Olive oil

No, we could not forget the classic olive oil. The truth is that it is one of the most wonderful remedies for our hair. So dandruff is not left behind either. It is in your point of view and in this case, the process cannot be simpler to carry out. It is about heating three tablespoons of oil, but only a little. We will make a light massage with it and let it rest for half an hour. It is best to wrap the head with a cloth or towel. After the time, we only have to comb the hair and wash it as usual. Thus, we will eliminate all traces of dandruff we had for him.

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