How to make a easy bow

Today we are going to see how to make an easy bow. Because we all know that one of the great collections of all time is the bow. But within it, we have a wide offer in the form of different hairstyles. So, we will show you for all tastes, always respecting our main bow.

If you have often asked yourself how to make an easy bow, today we have the answer for you. It does not matter if you have longer or shorter hair, because you can get the best results with these aids. Those collected in the form of bows are perfect both for the day and for the most elegant nights.

How to make an easy bow

Undoubtedly, to discover how to make an easy bow we have to follow some very basic steps. In this way, we will all be able to collect our hair in this way. One of the most common is to comb our hair back. We will take a gola of the hair and we will make a pigtail, holding it with her. The first part of the hairstyle is already dominated. To start with the second, we have several options, but we have all been very easy. So, starting from the ponytail that we have, we are going to screw it a bit on itself and then, we will make the bow itself. We hold it with hairpins and that’s it. A dancer-type bun in a matter of minutes.

Easy messy bun

Of course, on other occasions, we need a more modern hairstyle. A hairstyle that can serve us both for day and night. It only depends on how we adapt it to the circumstances. Less than in this case, it is not necessary to collect the hair with the rubber in a ponytail. As we see, we will first make the bow itself, then we will pass the rubber to hold it at its base and finally, we add some hairpins to complete it. If you want a hairstyle for the night, you can add hairpins with rhinestones or a flower.

Low bows with braids

After the most classic and casual style, the bows come with braids. It is also another of the types of easy bows we can have. In a matter of minutes, you can have ready a hairstyle of the most elegant and worthy of professionals.  you can enjoy two equally simple and beautiful styles. For the first, we must comb backward and with all the hair, we will make a braid. Of course, after that braid, we will have to place it so that we have a perfect low bun.

In the second option, first, we will have to make a pigtail with all the hair. From it, we will make the braid that will be the protagonist of the final result. Then, we will open a hole on one side of the hair and we will pass that braid. We will place it on the other side so that it fits horizontally. Now it’s just about hiding the outer part of the braid and that’s it. A romantic collection at the same time elegant in a matter of minutes.

Vintage style bow

I could not miss the vintage style bun. It is always there to show us the most elegant touch of all. A perfect idea that you can wear in certain parties as well as meetings or appointments. Although it has several steps to follow, it is not complicated at all. So, if you were wondering how to make an easy bow, today we have answered it in different ways. You can take advantage of each and every one of them to look different in your day by day. Which one of them is the one that you liked the most?

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